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Salem 100's review

Refreshing Menthol

Pros: Full yet mild flavor. Lots of smoke for every puff. Nice menthol feel.

Cons: None at this time.

Number of Salem 100's smoked prior to review: 20 packs.

Salem cigarettes have been around for a long time and I can see and feel why. The smoke is full bodied with a refreshing taste. Taking a big puff and inhaling fully feels like you're breathing fresh mountain air. It's an all white cigarette which is rare for a full flavor.

Salem 100's are high tar cigarettes (last published numbers 17mg 'tar' 1.4 mg. nicotine) without Diammonium Phosphate and Ammonium Hydroxide added to increase nicotine absorption. That means you can take more puffs, inhale deeper and hold it in longer before getting your fill of nicotine. That just means more smoking pleasure for you and your lungs. Make sure you cover the filter ventilation holes halfway up the filter for added smoke.

1970's Salem 100's Pack Design.

I really enjoy Salem 100's and I think you will too. It's a lot different than my normal cigarette, Marlboro Smooth 100's, but a difference to be appreciated. I find that Salem cigarettes seem to give my lungs more of a workout, leaving them more satisfied by the end of the day than Marlboro Smooth.

1990's Salem 100's Pack Design. Image produced by Women Smoking Culture.

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Great review. Salem has been my main brand since I became a smoker, but about 3 months ago I read a post about Kools. I became curious and gave Kools a try. I was only going to smoke one pack and go right back to my Salems, but I found myself not being able to put the Kools down. I thought I was headed for a brand change, but just like most flings end, so did my experence with Kools. I am glad I gave Kools a try, but It was great to come back to my Salems. I also like the new Salem photo with the 90s pack design. That must be the soft pack design with the flavor seal wrapping I have heard about.

red100s's picture

that would indeed be the flavor seal / foil / soft pack design


yeah, to say i'm a huge fan of that pic (and wish there were many more... and video!) is an understatement. it takes me instantly back to when i started smoking, on that exact same brand and packaging of salem 100's as that very attractive young woman is smoking.

so many incredibly fond memories. i never thought i'd find a cigarette i would enjoy as much when they switched designs / flavor. until years later when i'd purchase a pack of marlboro red 100's on a whim. i smoked the first one and went back in for a carton.

i don't know where our esteemed pleasure admin found that pic, but bravo, both on the great pic itself, but for the fond memories.

take care, be well.

Salem Advertising Archive

Pleasure Admin, I know you are dealing with a lot of drama right now , but I was wondering If you could put the women holding the old Salem pack design back on the home page. When ever I see that ad, It makes wish I had started smoking sooner than I did.

Salem 100s review

When I was 12 and up, I started buying Salem 100s with the early 1970s design. I loved the things! They were my favorite. I would buy up to five packs at a time in those days because knowing I had them made me very content. I smoked them for 22 years, then switched to Marlboro Menthol 100s when I got some coupons, just to try them, and I loved them just as much, so I have been smoking them now for about 16 years.

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salem 100's - during the 90's

seeing that pic you posted of that beautiful woman with the pack of salem 100's 90's era pack just blew me away for a number of reasons:

first, salem 100's were the cigarettes i started on and became and addicted smoker with. so there are tremendous fond memories there.

second, i have a smoking fetish and i became aware of it and truly started exploring it, salem 100's along for the ride and seeing that woman with that pack, ready to light up and take a deep, craving-satisfying drag just brings that all back.

third, not only did the 90's pack have a unique design and foil packaging (both sorely missed), but they tasted AMAZING. when the changed the packaging design they changed the flavor blend as well. don't get me wrong, they're still a good cigarette, but not nearly what they once were.

those 90's salem 100's were at least 10x as good as they are now. i can only imagine what the 70's and 80's salem 100's tasted like. still a good cigarette, but wow i'd just love to have a carton or twelve of those 90's salem 100's. it's the only cigarette i enjoyed as deeply as my (as well as many others) coveted marlboro reds (or reds 100's). if anything those 90's salem 100's i'd consider the menthol version of the marlboro red. amazing flavor, great packaging and look (i personally always prefer soft pack, and those foil packs just looked great), easy draw, thick smoke, extremely addictive. no downside whatsoever.

very very fond memories.

salem 100's - during the 90's

Like I said above, I smoked Salem 100s in 1974 at age 12 and I loved those damn things to death! How a cigarette can be so damn good and bad for you at the same time. I love smoking!

Salem 100s

Salem 100s are why I like to smoke. I switched to menthol on these in the early 70's. Just a super taste and feel, and very smooth. You can take a heavy drag and it's never raspy, and has a nice aftertaste. They have a good strength: the first puff on a freshly lit Salem sends a nice nicotine hit right to your brain. Even the last drag on the cigarette rolls down your throat and totally rocks your lungs and brain, makes your whole body mellow and singing with pleasure.

The comment "how could something so good for you be bad?" rings true. I've smoked these for over 30 years and they're still very nice.

I remember in the mid-70's there was an ad campaign that used a VW bug (called a beetleboard) that was painted all over with Salem 100s motif. The slogan was "It's Longer."

Salem 100's

I wish I could try some of those earlier varieties, but that being said, they're still my favorite cigarette by far. I can and do smoke others from time to time, but they're my main brand. I feel like the 100's are almost a different cigarette compared to the king size (very different taste to me, and the filter seems so tiny). And while it shouldn't be a big deal, as a guy I don't like smoking 100's when out and about, just more feminine to me.

Salem 100's

Feminine. lol I felt the same way, and tended not to smoke much in front of anybody from age 11 on, even though that's all I smoked, and loved. I don't like the king size. However, once you get past the first few puffs it becomes a king. lol The 100s always have looked more enticing to me. I guess because I was used to smoking my moms earlier in life. In fact, after they made me quit in the early 1970s, it wasn't long after that(1973), that I always stole my mom's Winston 100s or any other 100s she smoked. Apparently, they thought I quit, but I went right back to it.

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FF Salem (king-size, not

FF Salem (king-size, not 100s) was the very first pack of cigarettes I ever bought and, ipso facto, the very first cigarette I ever smoked, back in July 1978. I still have fond memories of the Salem cigarettes of the 70's, even though I wouldn't want to smoke a menthol today. About the pack design, I think the design of the 70's, which was simpler, was more attractive than today's design. All Salem packs then were soft-pack; once I started smoking regularly, I preferred flip-top boxes and, as a result, switched to FF Newport Box, though I still smoked Salems on occasion. In 1981 I swtiched to regular (non-menthol) cigarettes, and never went back to menthols.

Salem 100s

While on vacation last month, I bought a carton of Salem 100s to recapture my youth. I had to finish my old stock of Marlboro Menthol 100s first. Wow, I feel like I am 12 years old again! lol It was just as good as what I smoke now. I will buy them again next time. Maybe I will alternate. I have been thinking about buying Winston 100s to go back even further, but don't know if I can go through a whole pack of non menthols. The last and only time I bought non menthol was Marlboro Reds when they were in the gold pack and that was around 1996.


This is my brand, Very smooth taste, and a strong hit of nicotine . Which makes them very addicting .

I'm liking the nostalgic packaging the original pack looks the best to me . Any chance they go back to that ?

16mg salems

We're available years ago and I quite liked smoking Salem. They were 16mg and easy to smoke... But I was more into st moritz and alpines. I would smoke them again tho... Lol

I really wish i could find a full flavor 120 thin cig

The thing I like best about Salem 120's is the all white filter. I always smoke all white filters because i love the way the lipstick stain looks on them. I only wish I could find a full flavored 120 Capri or Virginia Slims here.

Salems Are Tasty

I am not a smoker anymore, but I remember Salem 100's fondly. They were one of the first brands that I smoked. I smoked them for quite a few years before switching to a non menthol. Every once and awhile I would buy a pack of Salem 100'S or Benson & Hedges Menthol 100's. They were both a nice strong menthol cigarette and were great when you were out drinking and had a buzz going. They would satisfy your menthol desire. God, I wish I still smoked sometimes. I liked the old packaging though. It was more seductive. I can still taste them. Yum...

Fairly new at smoking

Non-smoker. I was. I recently started dating a smoker. Despite the negatives, she is fit at 53. She is a biker and a martial artist, and has been smoking a long time, yet she is fit and looks great. She encouraged me to try one of her Kool Super Longs. I coughed and coughed. But the second was easier. I see that many in here like Salems, but she says they are like air. Opinions?

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