PLEASURE WARNING: Starting smoking now significantly increases your feelings of pleasure.

Is Smoking Sexy?


can I get a hell yeah?

Love smoking, everything about it, period. I had one lit when I typed this.

hell yeah!

We agree. Completely. Totally.

Womem Are the Sexiest Smokers!

I am a man so I guess I am biased but there is NOTHING sexier than a woman with a cigarette!

women smoking

You are damn right! I won't even consider dating a woman who doesn't smoke. My first girlfriend got me started smoking and I'm so thankful that she corrupted this nice church going man.


Is there a option for sexy smoking
girls are best at sexy smoking

Hell yeah!!

Absolutely sexy!

Sooo glad to see this site.

I'm a 16 year old who's mum lets her smoke. My mum has always smoked and I've always wanted to smoke as soon as I was old enough. My mum has kept a perfect figure due to smoking and she looks absolutely stunning after she's dressed up to go out and lights up a cigarette. My dad always has a carton of 120 menthols stocked up in the cupboard for her and she even has a special gold cigarette case and lighter for when she goes out for the night. Smoking has always been a central part of my families lifeand we all enjoy the smell and the taste of cigarette smoke.

yes yes yes

Wow...your mom and mine must be the most up to date mums going!

my mum started smoking at 12 and she is healthy as a horse and she is 34! she is helping me get started, but I'm having a slow time of it...its been a month now and I am only smoking a half pack a day, but enjoying it ...finally. She smokes about 2 1/2 packs a day and says I need to smoke more to lose the extra weight. (She is a perfect 36D (got a little help there) 27-37! I know its her smoking!
The guys I go with love it that I am smoking...they are all older, but even the guys that don't smoke like it. I think smoking really helps get it on with the guys.

True all of it

Sounds like a great mum you've got.
Yes the attractiveness to guys is true as you're finding out but another thing important to many women that you mentioned as well....Keeping weight down. Smoking is very good for weight control and keeping a trim figure. Good girl!

smoking at 16

Congratulations for starting so young! You made the right choice. Men are going to be a lot more attracted to you now. Kudos to your mom for letting you make your own decision about this.

It's sexy if you do it

It's sexy if you do it right. My boyfriend smokes & he looks good doing it.

my mama let me smoke when i

my mama let me smoke when i turned 16 and the only rule was she wouldnt buy them 4me.. haha that wasnt a problem. now im 18 and i look amazing even after just having a baby boy! i work out and i kno i look sexy as hell when i smoke!!! haha

Crusader man

It's so hot when women smoke. Especially if they wear black gloves of leather.

Yes, smoking is sexy

There is nothing sexier than an attractive woman smoking a cigarette, taking the risk and filling her lungs as deeply as possible with smoke, knowing that she is inflicting damage, but willingly sacrificing her lungs' well being for the pleasure she craves.


Watching an attractive woman smoke is very sexy, especially when she takes long drags and inhales deep, just watching her chest rise as her lungs fill with smoke and then seeing a big cloud as she exhales the smoke from her lungs. It is even better if she exhales residual smoke a second or third time.

Love to Smoke

Smoking is sexy as hell, I'm not only using my mouth to smoke now, my boyfriend loves it.

Love women who smoke....

Since I was about 12 (maturing sexually), I have always loved the sight of a female smoking a cigarette... no cigars, pipes... just cigarettes, preferably cork tip filters and not "lights"!

sexxy female smokers

i just get turned on when i see woman smoking especialy smoking 120's

Smoking Sexy?

I can say without a doubt that an attractive woman who smokes with style GREATLY enhances her sex appeal in my eyes! Interesting thing is, though I've never had a suggestion at all that, as a male, MY smoking was in any way attractive or appealing to any woman I've been with, I FEEL somewhat sexier or vaguely aroused sexually when I smoke, even when alone but especially in the presence of a woman. Only had the pleasure of smoking during sex with one partner in my life, and she was, in other ways, NOT a nice lady or one who I wanted to sustain a relationship with. But sex, I do believe, was enhanced by shared smoking. Very engaging how, especially when you're smoking, smoke tastes so good when kissing!

Smoking is sexy

When I'm at the beach with my friend and everyone just relaxing, I want to smoke, so does my gf, she says I look hot when I smoke, she says a topless guy smoking is about the sexiest thing on this planet, under age smokers look uncool, expect for me, people yell me I look hot when I smoke and im 16, it's very hard to hide from my parent though, I usually have to go to a near by reserve to smoke, so my parents don't catch me. I am smoking as I speak and I feel sexy

hell yes...nothing hotter

hell yes...nothing hotter and sexier than a topless guy smoking...i bet you look so hot and sexy doing it

You Betcha!!

My girlfriend thinks I look sexy when I smoke and I think the same about her. It is a perfect pleasurable habit to enjoy together.

Thats a big fat YEP.

Female smokers are the sexiest thing since Angelina Jolie.

French girls are the best at looking downright attractive whilst smoking.

The taste

One of the first women I ever slept with was a smoker. I remember how much I loved to kiss her, she tasted of vodka and smoke. So sexy.


My boyfriend thinks it is, so 5 months ago i gave him what he wanted, i started smoking. We found your website a few days ago and posted on some of your fourms. I even started a topic of my own, we are so glad we found you. I need to go now my boyfriend just lit my cigarette, so off to the bedroom!!! Thank You Amy & Dave.



Smoking is Sexy

My girlfriend is now a regular smoker and looks so hot when she is smoking. We have started having smokey kisses and i love inhaling her smoke after she has inhaled.

Long nails and flat cigarette case ladies?

Love attractive, well-educated professional ladies who utilize a flat cigarette case and always get their nails done. Flat cases are stylish, sophisticated and classy and a great way for a lady to flaunt her cigarette-smoking enjoyment. Long nails, simply put, complement a lady's cigarette (and vice versa) and accentuate a cigarette (and vice versa).

Any ladies fit this bill? Do you see the sexy, glamorous combo of long nails and a cigarette? Especially like a lady who uses a clear polish, so that the nail tips become yellowed from all that delicious tar; say, I AM A HEAVY SMOKER.

Turns me on

has anyone had the experience where they get turned just from smoking a cigarette?

Mildly some times

Some times when I am relaxing smoking a cigerette, I will take a long drag and as I am inhaling and feeling the warmth in my chest I will picture in my mind the smoke traveling into my lungs, then exhale and count the number times I breath the smoke out, then take a double or triple drag, inhale as deep as I can and picture again the smoke in my lungs and count the exhales, it is mildly a turn on to know that my lungs were made for breathing fresh air and that I can so easily fill them with smoke instead. It is like doing a forbiden thing and enjoying doing it.

I love watching guys smoke!

Very sexy. When good looking fit guys smoke, I get very turned on. I don't know why. But when they suck hard (especially on strong cigarettes), I love to watch and dream of being with them. If they have on tight t-shirts or are shirtless (yes!), it is an especially good turn on for me.
Smoke guys smoke!

Does anyone else feel this way?


Shirtless Hmmmm!

I wonder if I can catch any sexy women shirtless in public while smoking?


I like watching women in swimsuits smoking. you can see their chest expand as they fill their lungs with smoke and then contract as they exhale. Nothing sexier than a woman in a swimsuit, expecially a string bikini, smoking!


i love sex with smoking

Very Sexy

If I I find a girl pretty, then yes I do find smoking makes her seem even more sexy but she has to be pretty in the first place. It's not just about physical appearance though -- I often seem to relate quite well to girls who smoke although it's hard to put my finger on why. I smoke only rarely myself but would love to have a nice, pretty, intelligent girlfriend who does.

Love it

I am 18 and love how I look smoking, and my non smoking bf totally loved it when I started about 2 years ago. My mom let me start at 16, the same age she began. She is so beautiful and at 45 still has a perfect figure and is very healthy despite smoking over a pack a day for almost thirty years. She is an elegant smoker and very into fashion and loves to shop and help me "dress like a smoker" (her words). She is very into tall boots, leather skirts, leather pants, and leather jackets; all very nice stuff nothing tacky or slutty. Luckily we are the same size and she is great about sharing clothes with me. I have totally enjoyed smoking, and the fact that I look god doing it is a great bonus! Thanks Mom!

Yes yes yes

I don't smoke at all, but when a guy smokes he is 10x more attractive to me


I started smoking when I watched Skins, it just has this weird feel to it, I've been smoking for like ... 3 years and now
most of my friends do it. Every boy I see smoking , i'm just like "Oh my god. Your stunning".
lol, it sounds so stupid but it's hot.

I love smoking Asian girls

I love smoking girls. I think they're super sexy! I don't advocate it as a lifestyle choice (because we all know it's not healthy) but, as a style icon, or just for taking pictures (even if they don't inhale), I think it's really hot. I like the website, because it's full of really hot girls smoking - no porn and no nudity, it's just pics and videos of really beautiful Asian girls smoking while wearing glamorous clothing and high heel shoes. That is the kind of thing I'm into. Smoking is kind of interesting though. I think it kind of amplifies a girl's attractiveness or unattractiveness. For me to want to see it, the girl must be really beautiful. I think Asian girls look best while smoking because they're so sleek and intense looking.

I find smoking very sexual!

I love to smoke while having sex!
I have a fetish for women that smoke brown filtered, or Marlboro Red 100's. This fetish started when I was a very young child, watching my moms friend smoking so sexy! I get a turn on by smoking cigarettes, and the smell of cigarette smoke is very sensual. I love having a cigarette dangling in my mouth breathing heavily, while thrusting a hot looking woman smoking as well. I also like to act out different scenarios, while she may wear a garter belt, or we are both all leathered out, and for the climax, we together having an erotic strangulation!

I find smoking very sexual!

My last line had sounded misleading, and do not want to give the impression that I'm some kind of serial killer!
The word was Auto-Erotic Strangulation.
I love acting out scenarios. But would never hurt or kill someone, unless it were a life or death situation.
I do have crazy fetishes, and when doing the Auto-Erotica thing, it is done smooth and sensual, not rough and hard!

If a girl is sexy to start

If a girl is sexy to start with, smoking a cigarette amplifies that sexiness. If she's ugly, the cigarette makes her even more ugly! (To me anyway).

I second that.

I second that.

i third it :)

I third it

smoking is sexy

I'm 18 since I started smoking I attract more boys. been smoking about 8 months. One pack a day It's great

Hell yes, I don't smoke

Hell yes, I don't smoke myself, tried but cant. I think there is nothing better than watching a pretty girl enjoying a cig. Love photography and try to catch candid shots of smokers if I can, love it.

Men Smoking Sexy? HELL YEAH!

Nothing sexier than a man smoking, for me it's the redneck or rugged heavy smoking man that turns me on most. SEXY AS HELL.


My Boyfriend smokes cigars and I think it is extremely sexy!!! It's such a turn on! its made me want too start smoking and I think I just might and experience what he does. I can't wait to sit back, relax and have a cigarette.

I love to see a woman smoke,

I love to see a woman smoke, even more so whilst wearing a fur coat.

smokeylo's picture

I love to see women smoke

I love to see women smoke especilly if they are wearing a string bikini or black leather, even better if the black leather includes black leather short shorts! The bikini alows you to see her chest expand as she inhales the smoke, the black leather is the contrast with white skin, black leather and black lungs.

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