PLEASURE WARNING: Cigarette smoke contains pleasureable substances.

New Marlboro Special Blend

After quite a long dry spell, we're starting to see new styles introduced. I haven't seen them in my area yet, but I've read reports on the internet that they are making their way into peoples hands. Details are sketchy right now, but I did find some evidence that 100's may also be in the mix. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

I've also heard that we may see new Camel Crush styles this spring. I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: Just over the Holiday weekend, the 100's versions of both finally made it to my area, so I gave them a try. Spending a day with these cigarettes really reminded me how much I love smoking - not because I liked them, but because I didn't. Sure, they both contain nicotine, but neither provided me any pleasure. Taste and how the smoke feels as it is inhaled and exhaled are some of the most important qualities of a good cigarette. I like Marlboro Lights, but I didn't like the Special Blend Gold Pack. I like Marlboro Reds, but didn't like the Special Blend Red Pack, but then again, I don't like Marlboro Mediums either. Taste is subjective, so if you like'em, smoke 'em.



special blend

we have them in iowa, and yes there are 100's.

Marlboro Special Blend

I normally smoke Marlboro Medium. Today my smoke shop was out. The Special Blend paint job was pretty close to the mediums so I tried a pack. They taste the same or very close. They have a smoother burn with less flare-ups than a Medium, maybe less FSC. I did notice they burn a little quicker. I saw them today for the first time in Ann Arbor Mi.

im tired of this

fsc is not a chemical, it means fire safe cigarette. they make them fire safe by actually taking a chemical out of the cigarette paper. this is the chemical that would make the cigarette smoke faster and keep burning even if someone wasnt puffing on it. if a cigarette has fsc on the package that means there is non of the burning chemical. remember its how you pack it that makes it burn faster or slower


It's about time someone i see someone else who actually knows a little about this stuff. Hell, I'm young and know all this with common sense. Smoke a Pall-Mall and see how long it lasts...but it's hard to draw on...that's cuz it's packed too tight. A marlboro burns quicker cuz it's packed a little looser. And for cryin out loud, fsc is NOT a chemical!!!

FSC-there are vinyl strips in the paper. 2 of them.

No..FSC is not a chemical per se...but it is a cigarette that has a chemical strip in the paper. Vinyl is a chemical compound. Very deadly. Google it.

This is from Wikipedia:
Fire safe cigarettes (FSC) are cigarettes that are designed to extinguish more quickly than standard cigarettes, if ignored, with the intention of preventing accidental fires. These products are also known as Lower Ignition Propensity (LIP), Reduced Fire Risk (RFR), self-extinguishing, fire-safe or Reduced Ignition Propensity (RIP) cigarettes. In the United States, "FSC" above the barcode officially stands for Fire Standards Compliant (FSC).

Fire safe cigarettes are produced by adding two bands or "speed bumps" to the cigarette paper during manufacture in order to slow the burn rate at the bands. Because this process decreases the burn rate and does not prevent unattended cigarettes from igniting nearby materials or tinder, the term "fire-safe" has been called a misnomer which could lead smokers to believe that these cigarettes are less likely to cause fires than standard cigarettes. In fact, the increase in frequency of ash fall as a result of the decreased burn rate actually increases the risk of accidental fires.

Many materials can be used to make the bands in the paper, including cellulosic or other polymeric materials. Different companies use different materials (including thicker bands of paper) for the ‘speed bumps’ in order to comply with regulations. Most commercial cigarette papers in fact use cellulosic and alginate bands; however many patents have been registered in the literature in relation to materials that could be used to make the bands, including EVA polymer ethylene vinyl acetate. When burned, the polymer of EVA becomes unstable, and the health risks of inhalation are not known. (this is bullshit-burning vinyl causes cancer-see the film "Blue Vinyl") EVA and PVA polyvinyl acetate polymer adhesives have been used by the tobacco industry for many years, and are the industry standards.

A similar quantity of PVA polymer is required to glue the paper seam in a fire safe cigarette as in a standard cigarette.

EVA polymer must not be confused with the EVA monomer, which is a reactive species with some toxic properties.

I understood it to be a safety measure

If you should fall asleep smoking or drop one on the carpet, the paper stops burning rather quickly. My only complaint about it is if I set my cigarette in the ashtray for more than 20 or 30 seconds I have to relight it.

They don't take a chemical

They don't take a chemical out of the paper. They add to it and make bands of thicker paper to the cig. If your tired maybe you should do some research. The chemical they add is called EVA polymer ethylene vinyl acetate.

for everyone that referances wikapedia

The wiki sites anybody can enter the info on the pages and 90% of that info is wrong in most case it ranges from 40 - 90%.

Nice Stats

I wonder how much research YOU did to get those numbers yourself. As a statistician, there has been research to show that Wikipedia actually does not have as many errors as you think. In fact, the Encyclopedia Britannica has more errors based on a rather large sample size.

Wroooooooong lol. Yes Wiki

Wroooooooong lol. Yes Wiki can be edited by lots of people. That's the whole philosophy and point of wiki.... But you have to have an account to make changes, and if you put up false information someone is going to change it very quickly. There are far more people putting accurate info into wikipedia than there are people who are entering incorrect info... Wikipedia almost always has correct info, and LOL to anyone that's too paranoid to use wikipedia. I think your tinfoil hat needs adjusted! Lunatics...

Oh, and everyone knows fsc ciggs have added chemicals to make them burn slower....

Referances? Wikipedia says

Referances? Wikipedia says its "references"

just put it under a damn

just put it under a damn black light, you'll see everything

re:"just put it under a damn black light"

I like that idea!! I think I will put it under a black light. Even if I don't know what it is that I'm going to see, "by definition" but I will still do it because it's a cool idea!! lol Just my two cents... I don't like the way they made the cigarette go out if your not smoking it pretty constantly, because when your outside and there is the slightest bit of wind your going to be lighting up your cigarette a whole lot of times!! So So aggrevating!!!

Robin/Athens, GA


Look it up. There's aluminum in fire safe cigarettes, to keep them from keeping burning on their own... Where did you get your "facts?" From up your ass? Idiot

you are in idiot

you are in idiot


in.. lol

Fsc is wax rings

Fsc is wax rings

Not true. FSC does have a

Not true. FSC does have a chemical. There is a chemical that acts as a speed bump to put the cigarette out. Check it out. They are giving people a lot of problems.

Short time smokers oppinon

I've only smoked for a short while. I started on camel crush's then to camel lights/ marlboro reds. but these marlboro special blends (which seem to taste like no. 27's) seem to be my new kick. In fact... I've only smoked for a year and a half and now I'm up to almost a pack a day with no problem and cut down on other nicotine sources (ie. snuff).

Make it short term smoker

I've smoked for 40 years and never thought in time smoking would become the pain in the ass it has become. Short of this, as I'm smoking a Marlboro Special Blend which I buy as they are cheaper, I wish I would never have picked up the first one. I can't quit. The only defense I have for smoking is, I like it. The damages are felt the longer you smoke; I hope you consider like anything, keep something enjoyable to a reasonable limit. Something I seem not able to do. Good luck and good health whether you continue or you stop.

short time smoker

If you have only smoked 1 1/2 and you are now up to a pack a day that should tell you something. I have smoked for 59 years and I can tell you, you will continue to increase the amount you smoke especially when you get older if you make it that long. Your breathing will become more difficult and just doing the normal everyday things will really tire you out. My best suggestion is to stop now while you still can because the hold on you as time goes by is more than you can imagine.


the special blends are simple. the regular special blends in the red box are a mix between the reds and mediums. the gold box is a mix between mediums and lights

the special blend gold taste

the special blend gold taste just like a marlboro light. and they are usually a dollar cheaper with the "new" promo

i thought they had a lil

i thought they had a lil more flavor and kick in em.

I agree

I agree with you, everyone else says they taste the same. I think they taste A LOT better and have a more full flavor but still the lightness. :)


I also agree about the better flavor. The cheaper price is cool too! After smoking them, regular lights don't taste the same.

Anybody seen these Marlboro Gold Touch cigarettes

I just saw somebody that brought them back from a trip. As I understood it is the latest creation of Marlboro cigarettes in Europe. Small black slim. Looks like on the image

marlboro gold touch

only available in eu markets or from duty free inporters

Not bad, but not that good either

I started with Marlboro Reds as my first pack of cigarettes. Low on cash one day, I bought a pack of Special Blend Reds since they were cheaper. They are just like a regular Red, just not as strong as I was expecting. I found that they are much better when lit with a match rather than a lighter. I only smoke these when I don't have enought for a pack of Reds.

special blends after taste

I am really not to fond of the special blends. Even though regular Marlboro lights dont taste so great, the special blends seems to leave a weird after taste. worse than regular Marlboros.

'boro's Special Blend

I had a weird aftertaste also and a stuffiness in my throat that I don't usually get with my Basic Lights. I used to smoke reds but switched to Basic Lights- just as strong but used to be cheaper. I'm wary of the Special Blends- what's so special about them? Maybe some weird chemical?


yes... here the same. Took me a while before narrowing down the after taste to the cigs. First thought it'd be my coffe, but after excluding that all was left was the cigarette. So I have switched back to regular red's / lights.

after taste

It hurts my nostrils and have a weird alkaline like taste, around my throat it would be irritated im not sure what is causing it but, I got sick from it cold like symptoms, i thought maybe it was just coincidence eiherway i swithed back to reds a month or 2 later my ex bought me the golds instead of reds and once again i got sick from it.

I just noticed that the

I just noticed that the Marlboro special blend reds leave me with a sore throat and mouth. After a pack my sinuses are congested. This has happened to me twice now. Normally I smoke the Marlboro blacks due to being cheap, but when the gas station is out I go with the special blend reds. I don't know what they are putting in these, but every time I smoke them my mouth and throat are almost numb and I have a stopped up nose/sinuses afterwords.

red vs special blend.

I didn't notice a difference when I went from reds to sp blend. But after smoking the sp blend awhile I tried a red again and noticed it was much more harsh. Prolly why they are nicknamed "cowboy killers". What are the sp blend black label. I get a little rhaspy feeling on my first couple hits on the first Cigs. Sams that's it.

special blend gold

I had stopped smoking marlboro lights and started rolling my own cigs because I was experiencing heart palpitations when I smoked reg. marlboro lights. The palpitations stopped. I tried special blend golds because a friend told me they did not have the additives of marlboro lights. The special blend golds do not give me heart palpitations. I had run out and had to buy a pack of marlboro lights today and after the the 3rd cig today I am having the heart palpitations and general feeling of weakness. I am certain that the additives are the cause. I cannot find what differences these two have from each other but my body protests loudly when I smoke marlboro lights. I hope marlboro and other companies will continue to reduce additives. In the meanwhile I am researching how to grow my own tobacco.

special blend

I've been smoking the Marlboro red Special Blend 100's and they're good. As strong as I like, slow burning enough and with just the right flavor. What I'd like to see is the return of the Marlboro 25 pack.

Special Blend are the Mediums

Law was passed that tobacco companies can no longer use the words light or mediums. I dont know when the actual law takes effect, but that is why they now call it special blend. I have been smoking mediums for a while and now changed to special blend due to it being much cheaper. I have not found any difference in it at all except the name.

I'm not convinced that

I'm not convinced that Marlboro Lights and Mediums have been replaced by the special blend line. I've already seen the new Marlboro Lights pack. Next time I'm at the store, I'll take a peek.


I think they are very close...

My wife and I normally smoke Marlboro Gold Box (Lights) 100s. The Special Blend were a buck less at my store so I bought a pack. The look identical right down to the 3 gold rings and two rings of ventilation holes on the filter. I held them together and everything lines up perfectly. They taste and feel the same to me. My wife couldn't tell any difference either.

I dunno - they sure seem awful close if not identical.

Wrong about special blends being mediums

Marlboro mediums are now called marlboro red label. However you are right about the law change.

No the Special Blend red

No the Special Blend red pack is not the new Medium. Yes they had to remove labels such as full flavor, medium, light etc. But my husband still smokes what used to be the mediums and they just come a in red box without medium listed on it. the special blend red is different. Mediums are known now as Marlboro Red Label.

marlboro medium

There is a differnce in packaging Marlboro full flavor lid is solid red whereas the medium has a small white band around the red

special blends

Not exactly true Marlboro medium are now called Marlboro 100's whereas Marlboror full flavor is just called Red (whether it be short or long)

Marlboror medium is a cheaper blend that regular marlboro

Now there is also available Marlboro Black in menthol and regular which in fact is less harsh than special blends

special blend replaced my old brand

I used to smoke an off brand called GT ONE , then they stopped production , special blend were the closest to the feel and taste, and they were about the same price, rig at about $3.26 a pack. but that came to an end , they got me hooked an raised the price to $4.68 a pack. now I'm up that ceek without a paddel. if you can afford it SMOKE UP, they taste and feel real smoothe.

$4.68? That's it?

I am paying just about $13 a pack here in New York City. If you can't afford $4.68 for a pack maybe its time to quit smoking altogether .

On another note.. all i want to know is what the difference between Marlboro Lights 100's and Marlboro Special Blend 100's is. What is so special about it? I cant seem to find the answer anywhere. :)

P.S. It is nearly impossible to figure out whats uppercase in the image "CAPTCHA" when submitting the comments.


They're all lowercase.


So you know

You are payibg 13.00$ a pack because ypur in new york...everything is more expensive also sure your minimum wage us alot higher than in some places...areas that pay 13.00$ a pack have people getting paid enough at jobs even not so upper class jobs to be able to afford that 13.00$ an hour...other places arent as lucky...i live in nebraksa and its only 3.98 a pack for my boro 72s that I smoke and that is fairlt cheap considering if I were to get special blend or reds I wouldbe paying 2+ dollars and for wat we get paid aroundd here sometimes even that isnt affordable.

Throwing in my $0.02...

I live in Rhode Island, which has the 2nd highest unemployment rate in the country, and a pack of cigarettes generally runs you at least $8 around here...which is a shame, cause I used to smoke American Spirits, but that shit has gotten wayyy too expensive.

yeah here in AZ they are

yeah here in AZ they are around 7.00 before the higher AZ taxes on cigs

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