PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

New Marlboro Special Blend

After quite a long dry spell, we're starting to see new styles introduced. I haven't seen them in my area yet, but I've read reports on the internet that they are making their way into peoples hands. Details are sketchy right now, but I did find some evidence that 100's may also be in the mix. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

I've also heard that we may see new Camel Crush styles this spring. I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: Just over the Holiday weekend, the 100's versions of both finally made it to my area, so I gave them a try. Spending a day with these cigarettes really reminded me how much I love smoking - not because I liked them, but because I didn't. Sure, they both contain nicotine, but neither provided me any pleasure. Taste and how the smoke feels as it is inhaled and exhaled are some of the most important qualities of a good cigarette. I like Marlboro Lights, but I didn't like the Special Blend Gold Pack. I like Marlboro Reds, but didn't like the Special Blend Red Pack, but then again, I don't like Marlboro Mediums either. Taste is subjective, so if you like'em, smoke 'em.



Special Blend Gold 100's

After reading one of the comments on here that said they are very close and even "look identical right down to the 3 gold rings and two rings of ventilation holes on the filter. I held them together and everything lines up perfectly." I'm gonna have to call BULLS**T on that one. They do taste a lot like the Gold 100's except they are smoother, but the only resemblance to the Gold 100's are the fact that they are both "all-white 100's". The Special Blend Golds have a SINGLE WIDE Gold band on the filter with a little red tint to it with word "Marlboro" ABOVE the band - NOT 3 GOLD RINGS like the GOLD's. (Someone pulled a switch-a-roo on you buddy. In closing, I do like the Special Blend Gold 100's but they will not be replacing my Gold 100's that I've smoked for 20+ years, that's for sure. If you like Marlboro Lights, these are definitely worth a try. Very smooth and seem to burn clean, but the regular Gold 100's have a bit more flavor in my opinion.

Special Blends

Marlboro "special blends" are aimed at a lower-income market. In NJ and NY, prices have peaked out at $10.00/pack for premium brands like Marlboro Reds and Lights. This is a last-ditch effort at maintaining a customer base.

IMHO, they taste like crap.


Red pack Special Blends

idk what it is about these special belends but they totally taste like ass hole. i usually smoke camel lights but these were significantly cheaper in RI so i figured id try um. they make your hands smell weird and leave the nastiest taste in your mouth. i wont be buying them agian. ever

I've tried these

I'm 14 and smoke 2-3 packs of either Marlboro Reds or Unfiltered Camels a day and I decided to give these special blends a try about a month ago and they taste like crap. I smoked almost the whole pack and was coughing my lungs out almost. I had to finally put the pack down and go back to my Unfiltered Camels. The next day when I woke up to have my first smoke of the day I still had 3 cigarettes left in the special blends pack and I decided to just finish them off and so I smoked all 3 and then my lungs felt heavy all day. I was coughing and could barely breathe. I highly recommend not to try them.

I find it extremely hard to

I find it extremely hard to believe that A) You're 14 and you smoke that much, B) being 14 you have enough money for 3 packs a day, and C) if you really are telling the truth, I don't know how you're alive.

Me too on A and B. But what

Me too on A and B. But what are you talking about with C? Lots of people enjoy smoking 2 or 3 packs a day. It's no big deal.


Prices in North Carolina

I can get the Special Blend for $3.09 a pack, and since I'm pretty much broke, I choose them. Regular Marlboro's go for at least $6.00 a pack.

I just finished a Marlboro

I just finished a Marlboro special blend gold and decided tocompare with a regular Marlboro "red" WOW what a differance!! the red was so much more smooth than the so called blend!! My family used to grow tobbaco on the farm. I worked in the wharehouse where they sold the stuff to phillip- morris. we used to sweep the floors and sell that too!!! ha ha specail blended BS!!!

Similar but not the same

I've recently switched from Marlboro light 100's to the Special Blend 100's gold box. They are pretty similar, but they are not the same. I don't mind the flavor, and the cost savings is sure worth the taste difference to me! But, about the look of the 2 ciggs, this is strange....the 1st carton I bought a week ago had the ciggs with the 3 gold rings on them and were identical to the Marlboro light 100's. I did a "taste test" of each and could tell which one was which by the taste, but there was nothing different about how each looked. Today I bought another carton and the ciggs have the single wide gold band, a completely different look, but they taste the same as the previous carton of special blends. So, I'm not sure why the looks were different, but to the person on here that said they don't look alike, you are correct, but also wrong, they seem to have come in both looks.

marlboro special blend 100s

I mostly smoke marlboro 100s and I've just tried the special blends and didn't like it at all. I really don't like the taste. I think I'll just stay with regular 100s.

Personal Opinion on Special Blends

I have been smoking for only 2 or 3 years. Started out on Marb Red 100's and was smoking up to 4 or 5 packs a day. I have since cut down. I started smoking the Special Blends a few months ago and I must say I prefer them. To me they taste like 27's but they burn moderately slower. They do have a different taste but for me it only gets horrible when you start chain smoking 2 or more at a time. The Special Blend Red 100's are a cigarette that I thoroughly enjoy but they are not my favorite. My favorites are still Darren Blacks. Back to the topic at hand, I would choose the special blends over the regular reds but if I had to smoke one for the rest of my life I'd stay with the classic Marlboro Red 100's.

New Special Blends

I work in a distribution warehouse in Maine, and we just started shipping them out to New England Wendsday night. So far, only the red and gold are available. The new ones are kings, and they're blue and black. Blue is a menthol, but I'm not sure what is supposed to be special about the black ones. Can't wait to try them.

New Black label special blends

I live in nebraksa and actually just tried the black special blends today n im not exactly sure why they didnt just come out with these first...they are incrediably smooth they dont seem to smell as bad and they have a really good flavor for how smooth they are...they are my new fav of the special blend line! I recommend anyone to try them!

they are much better than

they are much better than all the other special blends..

special blend "black"

Just bought a pack, not really a fan but don't dislike them either... Idk may just take some getting used to...


So I'm a huge marlboro fan first cigarette ever was a red and since the fsc came into play I switched to 27s but when the special blend showed up I tried them to save a buck and they tasted like my first drag and they new black pack tastes not so different from the regular special blend. But one odd experience I have had with reds was every now and then it smelled and almost had a marijuana taste just wondering if I was the only one

black special blends

i don't have the special blend blacks near me yet so i havent tried them, but i have a feeling they are replacing the special blend red since they look almost identical to mediums, so they are trying to avoid confusion. so maybe thats why they tatse the same...probly same cig, different pack.

and with reds, i kinda know what you mean:)


to the person that said the cig smelled and kinda taste like marijuana:

i smoke lights and i experience at least 1 cig per pack that smells and kinda taste like weed. in fact, i got drug tested at work because of this happening while i was smoking with co-workers. of course i passed, but its just weird.


Reds definitely smell like pot sometimes, still don't know why...

use a different ashtray for

use a different ashtray for your joints...

New Special Blend

We have had the Special Blends and the Skyline here in Alabama for a good while. I work at a store that sells tobacco products and the special blends and skyline are picking up popularity everyday. Hope you guys get to try these where you live

New special blend black

Just tried the new blacks.. They are lacking in robust flavor but have a subtle and slightly mellow taste that I wasn't expecting.. I won't switch to smoking these from reds but I might pick up q pack here and there for the promotional price. By far the best special blend i have tried, though im curious to how the menthols will stand..

And yes the fsc is two strips on the paper, which are very distinct when you hit one while smoking.. They added them in regions that are very dry and susceptible to flash fires.. Not a fan because it ruins the consistency of the smoke..

marlboro menthol special blends

here in pa we just got the new menthol special blends. usually i smoke regular menthol or smooths, but just tried a pack of these today. does anyone know what the difference actually is? To me the blue pack seems to have more flavor, but not as harsh as regular menthol,and not as minty as smooths. I`m assuming the blue special blends pack are more like milds, but so far i do like them. They seem to be less “smokey” tasting.

the buzz factor

i've been smoking for idk how long. Marlboro reds are the only ones i like. when i go a day without smoking i can tell, i become abit irritable n hyper. When i lite one up n halfway through i fell this calming buzz like state. Today i bought special blend reds n just smoked three cigs, i feel nothing from them compared to just smoking one from the regular reds. Not all smokers are the same for the reasons why we smoke. Alot of the times i go without smoking to just get that buzzed feeling. So i suggest try doing this if you want to see the difference in ciggerates.

Special blend - the worst ?

Fuck man, I just bought this shit ,,, TOTAL CRAP .... U have no fukin idea ! I always buy Lights .. that was way fukin better... Special blend, the diff is, it's too rough ! Ur throat BURNS !! I am afraid of smokin for the first time ! This is wat's called "Filter" in third world countries- SUCKS

They're... all right.

I'm testing out different brands of Marlboro's, and my friend suggested I try the Marlboro Special Blends gold pack. My mom smokes these, since they're a cheaper alternative to Marlboro Lights, and says they taste pretty much the same.

I've bounced around between Marlboro Menthols, Skylines, and regular Lights. I want to try Blend No. 27, but we'll see how long that goes.

All-in-all, the Special Blend gold packs aren't too bad. Personally not my cup of tea, but I would smoke them if I needed to.

I bought a pack of "special

I bought a pack of "special reds" thinking "wouldn't it be nice if they were basically the same for forty cents less a pack?" But compared to the Marb lights I was smoking before, I notice some definite differences: the special blend is a little more acrid, not as smooth. And it burns noticeably faster. Also, maybe it's just me, but the ashes look weird -- it seems like the tobacco doesn't burn as cleanly. Overall I'd say there's a reason why they're cheaper, and for the slight difference in price I'd rather be smoking regular Marlboros.

special blend black

Ive gotta say special blend blacks are my new shit. Ive always been a 27 blend fan for about 5 or 6 years now and i swear, they taste so similar.

I've smoked a bunch of reds,

I've smoked a bunch of reds, 100's, no 27's, and 72's.
Special Blend felt like a light cigarette compared to the previously mentioned varieties.

Special Blend

What is all this nonsense about comparing the look of the Marlboro Lights with the Special Blends Gold? Who the hell cares how many gold rings are on what? We come here to get an opinion on the flavor. I can care less about the number of gold rings.

Marlboro Special Blends in the Gold pack had an adverse effect..

These cigarettes caused me to almost have an asthma attack, and I've never experienced anything like it and I've never been diagnosed with asthma. It was very scary waking up at all hours of the night struggling to breathe. When I switched back to the Marlboro Lights (what is now referred to as the Gold Pack) I didn't experience difficulty breathing and heavy feeling in the lungs. My throat even tightened when I was smoking the Special Blends. I read somewhere else how this one man found it extremely odd that these were so cheap compared to the other Marlboro cigarettes. Makes you really wonder what they are putting in these things. My family member picked up 2 packs of cigarettes for me today and accidentally got me the Special Blends because she had forgotten that I'd switched; I forgot to mention it to her. So, I decide to light one of the Special Blends up and again, breathing becomes slightly labored. I'm not sure if I'm experiencing a chemical reaction or what, but I personally advise people to think twice before trying these. The taste isn't that bad; it's just the effect I get from them that I don't enjoy. I would choose a crap brand anyday over these!


serious. let's all rise up together against marlboro.

they're putting junk in the cigarettes.

i hope they're terrified.

Special Blend Black Label

Here in Austin,TX, we have had the special blends for a while now. I think the black label cigs are a bit stronger than the red special blends. I have noticed, since smoking the specials, I'm not coughing near as much. I also like the fact that they don't have the burn like the regular cigs.
Just my 2 cents....

I like them

I think they're great. Heavy smoke and taste. Marlboro Lights are little too "chalky" in flavor. I like heartier, more tabacco-y, earth-y taste sometimes. These definitely deliver that. I'd recommend them if you're into manlier smokes.

my 2 cents

Reds are the best, and 27s are great too... original and special blend menthols are terrible... skylines, 54s, and frost and other types of menthol are good... lights are smooth, but the special golds have a little more flavor... same with special reds... as for blacks, i just bought my first pack, and i was nothing less than disapointed... they seem to have no flavor, but i will finish the pack before i rule them out completely... i also never really gave mediums a try, because they seem almost identical to reds... Oh, and i hate FSCs.

Cigarette prices.
You can buy cartons of Marlboro from there, credit card required.
200 cigs/carton, Generally 2 carton minimum purchase.
But cartons come out to about $20.50 each, shipping is generally fast.
They also have the new Marlboro Blue Ice (Marlboro's response to a Camel Crush)
2 Cartons of Blue Ice come out to around 63 bucks including S&h, but that's 400 cigarettes, worth it.

Ummm, something wrong with these

20 year pack a day smoker. Wife picked up the black labels for me the other day, instead of my normal reds. My nose runs every single time I smoke one ofnthese blacks, throat hurts, chest feels heavy, and strange aftertaste. I have tried nearly every premium brand there is in my years, and these are terrible. Thank god she only bought three packs, and I'll never get em again.

i don't trust marlboro anymore

i think they're putting junk in the cigarettes.

junk in the cigarettes, more sales, more profits. they run promos and contests CONSTANTLY. they dish out prizes all damn month long, every month. there's pretty much no time when they're not running a prize promo.

i seriously don't trust marlboro anymore. all those symptoms you described make me feel even more sure now that they're putting JUNK in the cigarettes.

i hope they fear god.

to the 14 yr old smoker

I started when I was nine at dare of an older step sister....shame on her. but anywho. Please quit while you can, I am now 42 and can't stop.

Black and red pack

I usually smoke special blend red pack. I always thought those were the full flavor but I went I'm the store today and somebody told me to red and black pack were the full flavor. It's says new on the pack but I'm not sure how long they've been out. They were good but a lil to strong for me and left a bad aftertaste. I think I'll stick with the special blend red pack.

less tobacco

After comparing Marlboro Gold Pack (lights) next to a Special Blend Gold, I will say the flavor is different in the specials, and they also make my throat "scratchy". That being said, I noticed that the Specials appear to be packed looser, therefore, they have less tobacco per cigarette. May be why they are cheaper??

Just Sayin'

I am 23 yrs old and I have been smoking since I was really young. I have always smoked Marlboro Light 100's and I switched to the special blend and now I can't go back. If I smoke a regular Marlboro light, I get an awful headache every time. This doesn't happen when I smoke the special blend!! Cheaper and No headache, I'm down!!

NY 13.00 !!

I live in Queens NY ! Pack of Marlboro is less then 7 dollars....Where do you buy 13.00 smokes??? You so full of shit!!!

Are they different?

First let me say that those who are saying the "chemicals" in the "fire safe" paper are are smokin a fucking cigarette!!! Nothing about it is non toxic!! Nothing about it is good for you!!! If you are smoking then you really shouldn't be worried about "toxic" chemicals condiderin that so many toxic compounds are it an "all natural smoke" to start with.
I have been smoking for over 25 yes. So I'm not preaching to the choir. I have tried both marlboro lights and special blend gold and there is a difference. To me they are both satisfying. The special blends seem to burn a little faster and have a smoother more mellow sweet flavor.
As far as the FSC paper they are rolled in, it's the same for both. The "toxic" angle is just stupid!! If you are worried about inhaling "toxic chemicals" then now is the time to quit smoking.



Marlboro red vs marlboro mediums

They are not the same, nor is special blend the "new"medium" The full flavor no just says RED whereas the medium says 10o's

There is also a difference in the lif or dges of the boxtop. Full flavor is solid red, whereas the medium has a small white band around the red

Almost too much alike.


i'm convinced that marlboro is putting junk in the 72's. those are the cute short ones in the red & silver pack. i've been smoking them for a while and i swear to god, it feels like i've been turned into a junkie. i'm convinced they're putting junk in the 72's.

what happens is, i smoke a cigarette and within a minute i want another. and NO amount of cigarettes make me feel satisfied. i can't stop chasing cigarette after cigarette when i have a pack of 72's. something's really wrong.

so i bought a pack of newport reds and i have NO problem whatsoever. i can smoke a cigarette and immediately feel satisfied. instead of smoking 4 or 5 cigarettes PER HOUR when i'm smoking marlboro 72's, i'm smoking maybe 1 or 2 per hour with newport reds.

anyone else have the same problem with the 72's? i'm convinced they put junk in them.

i'm no junkie but 72's make me feel like i am. i'm pissed.

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