PLEASURE WARNING: Starting smoking now significantly increases your feelings of pleasure.

Over 250,000 reads on the How to Start Smoking Page!

We made it over 250,000 reads on the How to Start Smoking Page. Of course, some page views are search engine crawlers and others are just people surfing the web and checking things out. But, if just 5% of the people were interested and followed the instructions - that means we've helped 15,000 people discover the pleasures of smoking.

Good job to everyone participating on this site and thanks for getting the word out!

How long until we hit 500,000?



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so curious

I'm a woman with a lot of questions about smoking. I have never smoked but I have a fetish about seeing men and women smoke. I would love to discuss this with a true honest person.

Smoking fetish chat

Hi - I'd love to discuss that with you. I have so far gotten 2 ladies to start, and a third will be starting fairly soon. I live in the USA. Hope to hear from you!

As we can see this page a lot

As we can see this page a lot of good tips on how to use a cigarette at the beginning, excellent. Did you even read the forum and have any questions, please feel we can discuss it. There is no fault to begin with smoking, it is good for everyone.

wife and smoking

my wife brought up subject of smoking in 2001, she had never smoked before. most of her friends at work did and still do. i didnt mind, and in fact, i purchased a pack of virginia slim menthol lights for her. she tried it and after smoking about 4 in a row, said it was ok and asked if she only maybe did it on occasion would it be ok. yes! it was the hotest thing i thought after seeing her do it. she started with maybe 1-2 a day for a couple of years, sometimes none. she said she had no addicition.after 3rd year, she would sometimes smoke up to 5-6 a day, then maybe none for a few days. sometime late 2010 she went for her anual female check-up and was asked by dr. if she smoked, she denied. no blood work, only questions. a couple days later she smoked 1 and said that was it, no more. is there any hope or way of getting her back to her old way. also, how did she never become addicted after 10 years?

Exposure is key

She was able to not become addicted because she was inconsistent. When the body becomes accustomed to having something present continually, it adjusts to it, and this is where dependency, aka addiction, starts. Once the body is without it for awhile, it adjusts back, at which time the addiction is broken. Of course, that doesn't have anything to do with desire; honestly, I think desire is a huge factor in continuing to smoke. People who enjoy something continue to do it until something stops them.

The accepted time that blood nicotine levels stay high here is 45 minutes, which explains why she never became addicted. She would have peaks and valleys in her nicotine levels, and as such her body never became dependent on it. I understand; I'm the same way. I'm not addicted, nor do I wish to be. I have smoked on and off for years, like her. It's not bad; I don't get edgy when I'm around people who hate smoking (most of the time.)

it's never too late to start!

As they say, you're never too old to start smoking! I think it's very reassuring to see that so many people have referred to this site with curiosity about starting smoking. It's also nice to know this site is here with encouraging messages about starting instead of all the usual anti propaganda. All I can say is from my own experience as a long-time smoker, if you're considering it, please try it and just see what you think. Personally, I never regretted it.


it's never too late to start!

I started smoking a year ago, and its the best thing I have ever done. I have heard al the anti propaganda too, but I can only encourage everybody to start!

Can't seem to get going?

There is nothing I'd rather do then become a smoker. ( except maybe sleep with a woman I like) But every time I start I quit before addiction can get me. Maybe I'm Not cut out to smoke? I like the idea of being a smoker. But can't seem to get going at it. Any tips?

How to start up

Big-D - you just need to have say 3 fags every day for a couple of months, and you should being a self-starter. I started at 3 a day, and after 5-6 weeks I was definitely hooked. Try a strong brand with a high nicotine content.

You will soon know when you cant stop. It sneaks up on you every week. Then you will have a craving after a few hours (ie past the point of no return).

But being hooked is very pleasureable!

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I hope most of them started smoking

Nice to hear that. Smoking is the totally pleasure and it is nice to hear that so many people are qurious about it. I smoke more than my half life and I am very proud about my choice. My days are full of pleasure!!

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Niice milestone

I dont remember when this site opened up (Maybe in 2008?) But a quarter of a million visits in 5 years is a nice accomplishment! Its nice to know I was an influence on the site's admin to come up with the idea of this site in general. :)

Its nice to view cig ads on here and re-live the ol days of picking up magazines just to look at cig ads. Too bad you cant post cig ads that used to be on billboards and in newspapers.

My blog is mo of a prosmoking blog. Altho I still think chicks who smoke are sexier and smarter than nonsmoking chicks, I actually like talking about smoking in general mo. Smoking a cig has a sexy feel in itself!

Google "Jay's Smokers Rights Blog." My blog's original URL is actually on here. It's just not clickable.

new smoker

I stumbled on this site accidentily. The site started to arouse my curiousity and my interest. I started reading the many posts about the joys smoking for a few months and decided to take the plunge. I started a couple of months ago, at about 10 to 12 cigarettes a day. Lately, I have been doing 20 a day. This has now blossomed into full blown habit that I really enjoy and would never dream of quitting. This site got me into joy and pleasure of smoking. I would like to thank the folks who organized this site.

Want to start smoking...just do it

So you are interested in smoking? go buy a pack or , better yet a carton. light up and enjoy. To increase your addiction never ever be without a smoke and a lighter close by... keep a pack by your bed and light up first thing after waking up. also, keep a pack in the bathroom for bowl time... a pack in the kitchen is also great. a pack by the computer is awesome. Keep a pack by the phone, in the car, and anywhere you spend frequent time during the day. And don't forget, always have a pack on you. If you see a pack and are not smoking, lite up... if you are already smoking, finish up and lite a new one. you soon will be totally addicted as I am and will get to 3-4 ppd in no time... enjoy and smoke. Smoking feels good! Try this and let me know your results. Good luck.

How I started

I started 3 months before my 16th birthday, I was just trying to be rebellious and naughty. So I started puffing on my friend's cigarettes untill they tought me to inhale correctly, it was awfull! So they suggested I start with menthol cigarettes first, because it cools down your throat and chest and it is easier to inhale. I smoked that for about 2 - 3 months ,1 or 2 a day. Up to here I was just doing it to be cool, but then I started smoking mild non-menthol cigarettes for 1 or 2 months and then marlboro filters and I began to like it. Today its the first thing I do when I wake up and the last thing I do before I go to sleep. I can't stand menthol today though.

Smoking, in general.

I was smoking Pyramid to save money, but I wanted more nicotine, so I switched to Marlboro Edge. They cost more money, but there's alot more nicotine ! Which is what I was craving. Now, I am totally addicted, but I don't care. Nothing beats the pleasure I get from inhaling the smoke nice and deep. I will pay whatever they say and still say please !

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Ex Boyfriend Got Me Started

I used to smoke every now and then, rarely, but this ex boyfriend really wanted me to smoke more often, he bought me cigarettes, he sat there and watched me smoke (he wasn't a smoker) it all started kind of sexually for me with the smoking. At first I would only smoke around him, then I started smoking on my own, then more and more often, we broke up and a year since I started smoking regularly I am now totally hooked and loving it! I can't remember exactly but I think it was about 3 weeks in that I started craving a cigarette. I'm a dance teacher and I remember being in class just dying for a cigarette and as soon as class was over I rushed to the car and smoked. I was in the closet for the longest time, some people still don't know I'm a regular smoker, but more and more people are finding out. I kind of don't care who knows anymore, smoking is a huge part of who I am, I'm not going to stop and I wish people were less judgemental about it.

Thats great to hear that you

Thats great to hear that you enjoy smoking so much its really fun and enjoyable. Would you teach someone else to smoke now or recomend it to someone?


I'm a non smoker but would love to start but have never had the nerve to start. Would love if someone would encourage me and give me that push I need to gets started. Hope to hear from someone soon, thanks.

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