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Finally, another Newport Style on its way!

I saw the promotional display at my local cigarette shop today - a new Newport Style. It's called:


I don't have any other information on it and I can't find any pictures on the web either. Leave a comment if you know more.



Ive also seen the

Ive also seen the advertisements at my local royal farms. but no one see to know anything about them or when they will be receiving them.

the pack is black& green w

the pack is black& green w some white. they taste not like Marlboro smooths but just a little bit less strong then a reg Newport. I like them, I work at a wawa we just got our first shipment last night.

Did Kings and 100's come in,

Did Kings and 100's come in, or just the Kings?


We just got kings and 100's in the other day...

I work at a GetGo in Western PA and we just got them in the other day. They're pretty damn tasty.

Here's a picture of the pack!

Thanks for the picture

Thanks for the picture myndraine!

I just picked up two packs and will be trying them either tomorrow or Wednesday. Maybe I'll do a review.


Newport 150s

We need newport 150s wide. I can't get enough. Imagine the taste. I would smoke twice as much.

Same as Blue Pack

These are the same as Newport Blue Pack (Newport Medium). They tasted the same and had the same cigarette design, so I called the company and asked, and they confirmed they are in fact the same cigarette. They just re-branded them.

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