PLEASURE WARNING: Cigarette smoke contains pleasureable substances.

What's the best thing about the brand you smoke?


All of the above

I vote all of the above. Smoking is a combination of pleasures.
And all these pleasures give you THE PLEASURE.
The greatest pleasure ever.

like the pic

I like the pic on the homepage of the pregnant girl smoking a cig, hey, werent most of us born whenparents smoked, and we are all ok, we had no problems, thats just one more who will be born to smoke. lots of things a lot worse than a little cigarette smoke in the lungs.

You are sooo right. I also

You are sooo right. I also enjoy smoking a lot. i am pregnant and yes i did reduce the amount of cigarettes a bit but i still enjoy the feeling of the smoke getting into my lungs. it feels so great - and actually even better now. when typing this i really need to light up.

hellz yeah

thatz the damn truth

Pregnant smoking

I love that picture too. I smoked during all 3 pregnancies. I had no problems and 3 healthy babies. Smoking kept me calm and smoothed my nerves. I always joke that it kept the baby weight down so I had an easier delivery too. I will smoke through my next pregnancy as well if I have another.

All of the above.

I smoke marlboro red 100. Full flaver give me a great quanta rich smoke to inhale in every hit.

I absolutely love smoking

Smoking is probably one of the most amazing things I've ever done in my entire life. It truly gives me purpose. I would bet that if god could smoke, that he would enjoy it more than any of us.


dont know why i voted 4 taste but

u didn't have other listed lol. ne way my fav r camel light cuz the little blue camel is cute but i mostly smoke marlboro 100 reds cuz its my moms brand an she buys my cigs. im only 15 an she says camels r made from camel dung haha. the marlboros taste gud tho but take forever 2 smoke. my sister smokes menthol light marlboros an i dont really care for menthol but will smoke 1 if i really need a cig. also ive burned my fingers cuz the white filter sticks 2 my lips lol.

For the love of Smoking

Smoking by far is the most wonderful sensation there is. I have been a smoker for 37 years, starting at age 8 and am now 45. I have been a 3 ppd smoker since 16. The feeling of menthol smoke in my lungs is beyond description.

The Inhale

I love to inhale really deep and strong and get a huge load of smoke into my lungs - it's the best feeling ever . Then exhale through my nose slowly as I quickly draw again and keep the smoke down deep as long as possible .I get carried away and so hungry for the hit I literally devour cigarettes often in a minute or so and if I have not had a cigarette for a half hour or so which is about as long as I can manage awake friends say they can hear me make little moans of pleasure as I hungrily take in the smoke to my lungs though I was not aware of it . The sensation is amazing and non smokers cannot understand this . I smoke Camels about 2 packs a day and have done for over 30 years . Great site - nice to see I'm not alone . Enjoy your smokes everyone .


Nothing is more pleasurable and rewarding to me. Not even sex alone. I love to combine the two for maximum pleasure and fun. Non-smokers have no idea what they are missing in life. Try it and you will discover a whole new world of satisfaction and relaxation beyond your wildest dreams.

The inhale.

You are right. Smoke everywhere!

Addicted and enjoy smoking

My girl friend and I are both seniors and smoke two packs a day. Former smokers are just jealous and act like it. Smoking reduces stress and provides a welcome break from the hectic pace of life today. Neither of us plan to quit.

All of the above

I smoke Salem full flavor, if you like menthol you should try this brand. Salem has a strong menthol taste and feels great when inhaled deeply into your lungs and feels and taste good as you exhale. Sometimes i will inhale as much smoke as my lungs will take, and then i will exhale all of the smoke very slowly out of my nose, it gives my lungs the full effect of the smoke, and gives me the full effect of taste and flavor as i exhale. So give Salem a try. Amy.


My first cigarette was a Winston left in the house with no one home after school.
I stole my mom's for a few months then bought my own(Salems). I loved Salem 100s for 22 years from 1973 to 1995. I was 11 then. I switched to Marlboro Menthol 100s when they came out. Also, they gave more coupons. I love them just as much.

all of the above

I agree all of the above, but mostly the inhale and exhale. I smoked Salems and Marlboro Menthol for years and then switched to Marlbaro Reds. The feeling of filling you lungs to the max with smoke and then exhaling slowly through your nose is great! Any one who has not had the pleasure of filling their lungs to the max with smoke does not know what they are missing. Menthol or regular my lungs were made for smoking!

smokeylo's picture

all of the above

I agree to all the above. Yes the inhale is the best. I smoke marlboro reds and inhaling the smoke right to the bottom of both lungs is the greatest!

Mild Seven (charcoal filters)

I like Japanese charcoal filters such as Mild Seven by Japan Tobacco Inc. Mild Seven is the #2 or #3 top selling brand in the world. I would like to quit but until I can, I think — and have read in scientific journals — that Japanese charcoal-filtered cigarettes are less hazardous and even my wife (who is a non-smoker) says the smoke from Mild Seven doesn't make her cough, unlike Marlboro or other non-Japanese brands.

Smoking and Lung Cancer Risk in American and Japanese Men: An International Case-Control Study

"Rates of lung cancer in American men have greatly exceeded those in Japanese men for several decades despite the higher smoking prevalence in Japanese men. It is not known whether the relative risk of lung cancer associated with cigarette smoking is lower in Japanese men than American men and whether these risks vary by the amount and duration of smoking. To estimate smoking-specific relative risks for lung cancer in men, a multicentric case-control study was carried out in New York City, Washington, DC, and Nagoya, Japan from 1992 to 1998. A total of 371 cases and 373 age-matched controls were interviewed in United States hospitals and 410 cases and 252 hospital controls in Japanese hospitals; 411 Japanese age-matched healthy controls were also randomly selected from electoral rolls. The odds ratio (OR) for lung cancer in current United States smokers relative to nonsmokers was 40.4 [95% confidence interval (CI) = 21.8–79.6], which was >10 times higher than the OR of 3.5 for current smokers in Japanese relative to hospital controls (95% CI = 1.6–7.5) and six times higher than in Japanese relative to community controls (OR = 6.3; 95% CI = 3.7–10.9). There were no substantial differences in the mean number of years of smoking or average daily number of cigarettes smoked between United States and Japanese cases or between United States and Japanese controls, but American cases began smoking on average 2.5 years earlier than Japanese cases. The risk of lung cancer associated with cigarette smoking was substantially higher in United States than in Japanese males, consistent with population-based statistics on smoking prevalence and lung cancer incidence. Possible explanations for this difference in risk include a more toxic cigarette formulation of American manufactured cigarettes as evidenced by higher concentrations of tobacco-specific nitrosamines in both tobacco and mainstream smoke, the much wider use of activated charcoal in the filters of Japanese than in American cigarettes, as well as documented differences in genetic susceptibility and lifestyle factors other than smoking."

Differences in the influence of tobacco smoking on lung cancer between Japan and the USA: possible explanations for the 'smoking paradox' in Japan.

"The main factors likely to have brought about the difference in the odds ratio/relative risk between Japan and the USA (and perhaps other Western countries as well) are: lower alcohol consumption by Japanese males; lower fat intake by Japanese males; higher efficiency of filters on Japanese cigarettes; lower levels of carcinogenic ingredients in Japanese cigarettes; and lung-cancer-resistant hereditary factors among Japanese males."

Mild Seven

Mild Seven is a good brand. It is made in Japan, lower in tar, is equipped with charcoal filters but offers up good flavor and a strong nicotine buzz.

I need smoke

I love it on my cigarette when she gives me much nicotine and I, until I feel deeply to inhale the smoke from the smoke in canada my whole lung.


From pack design,quality and firmness of the cigarette,the effective filter and-of course- the superb taste and flavour of the smoke itself.All these considerations combine to offer me a totally satisfying smoking sensation with my regular brand.

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