PLEASURE WARNING: Starting smoking now significantly increases your feelings of pleasure.


This site really is about the pleasures of smoking and sharing that experience with others. It's politically incorrect to admit that one might really enjoy smoking, and since so many of us do, I created a web site where it's safe and fun to discuss why we all enjoy it so much. Although this site makes light of the health issues related to smoking, it doesn't dismiss, deny, or attempt to hide them, and when appropriate, supplies links to health advocacy sites, such as the CDC to ensure readers are well informed before they make a decision to smoke.

Some people, including health advocacy groups, may take issue with a web site that encourages smoking. Tough. You'll just have to accept that some people have freedom of will.

Please understand that I really enjoy smoking and I acknowledge the risks associated with smoking and the potential risks of non-smokers who may be exposed to smoke. I believe that the Federal, State, and Local Governments as well as Health Advocacy groups are not working towards ethical and rational tobacco policy that meets the needs of non-smokers as well as smokers. People either live in a state that favors either one or the other, but never both. Therefore, I have written a statement on tobacco policy that considers ethics and rationality and addresses the real concerns of the people, Health Advocacy groups, and the Government. It is my hope that we as a nation can put money and political bias aside and do what is right.

Please keep in mind, that for each site like this, there are at least 100 sites against smoking. If after reading this site, including the Tobacco Policy section, you feel that some section is misleading or unethical, please email me the section and your proposed changes and I will review it and if possible, come to some accommodation. Alternatively, if you simply hate this site, please click the "Hate this website and its Author?" link and leave your comments for everyone to see.