PLEASURE WARNING: Quitting smoking now significantly reduces your feelings of pleasure.

Marlboro Smooth 100's Review

Uniquely Rich & Smooth

Pros: Minty fresh and sweet taste; pretty smooth for a menthol.

Cons: You may not like the taste; can be hard to find fresh packs in your area.

Number of Marlboro Smooth 100s smoked prior to review: 16 cartons.

From the first time I tried Marlboro Smooth 100s, I knew this would become my regular brand. I've read elsewhere that people compare the flavor with an Andes Mint and I completely agree. Not only is it minty, but you can taste a hint of chocolate as well. Now, this taste isn't for everyone and most people will probably pass it up, but it's great to find a new wonderful smoking experience even after enjoying smoking for over 20 years.

As far as smoothness goes, I still find Marlboro Reds to be the smoothest cigarette, but for a menthol, this one is pretty smooth. I could go on and on, but taste is an individual choice. So grab a pack today, give it a shot, and head over to the forums and write your opinion on Marlboro Smooth 100s. Goto: