PLEASURE WARNING: Starting smoking now significantly increases your feelings of pleasure.

Office worker just started

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Hi I am new to the Forum and this is my first post. I am 22 year old living in London. In the summer I graduated from Uni and have been lucky to find a good job with some good mates.

I started with a guy called Aleem who is a regularly smoker. Each Friday a group of 8 of us, of which 4 are smokers, go out for a meal and a few drinks. A few times he has offered me cigarettes but I have always declined because my parents, who I live with, are really anti smoking. Recently, as the smokers seem to be really enjoying themselves, I have thought a lot about becoming a social smoker but have not had the courage to either buy a pack or ask Aleem for one.

Unexpectedly the opportunity to start smoking came up this Saturday when I met up with Nicholas, a friend from Uni, at a “Black Tie” charity dinner. Before we went in he got a pack of Marlboro Lights out and said that because of pressure at work he had started. I said I had been thinking of starting and immediately he gave me one, with advice not to inhale as it was my first. I was a bit like an excited kid smoking it. After the meal we went outside for another and he said he would teach me how to inhale. Starting with the good advice to take my bow tie off and undo the collar of my dress shirt as I would probably start coughing, He was right I did cough quite a bit but by the time I finished it I was beginning to get a a nicotine rush and it felt great. After the event on the walk back to his flat I smoked another, inhaling steadily-enjoying the nicotine rush! Next day before I left his flat I had another.

Having now tried it and enjoyed it, Nicholas said I should get myself a pack of 10 Marlboro Lights and start smoking with my workmates this Friday. Although I want to smoke again am I rushing things? I would value your advice folks.

just enjoy!

Thanks for all the details. As you have seen, smoking is enjoyable and not such a horrible thing! I think you should really find out whether you like smoking as a regular habit or no (and you won't be happy until you've found out), therefore I would also recommend you to buy a pack and try smoking. That doesn't mean that you will become a smoker of course (addiction takes a lot of time to set in), so don't worry about it, you don't have to decide yet. Just try and enjoy it and see how you feel being able to smoke when you want.

Hope you keep us updated, and if you want to talk about this, add me on skype

Buy a few packs

Seriously -- get yourself a supply so you can ease into it at your own pace but not run out. You're not rushing. If you've decided you're going to give it a go, then give it a real go. Smoke a few cigarettes each day. By the time Friday comes around, you'll enjoy it with your friends a whole lot more.

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Office worker just started

Update No.1 by QS Smoker

Thanks for the advice guys.

Well I took the plunge on Tuesday on my way home from work and bought my first pack of 10 Marlboro Lights. Strangely I felt both excited and nervous as I purchased them. As soon as I got out of the shop I had one. Remembering what Nicholas had told me on Saturday, I loosened my tie up and undid my shirt collar before steadily inhaling, wow did it taste good! I am not sure if it was because I had not had one since Sunday or because of the excitement of it being from my first pack? Its Thursday night now and I have smoked 5 out of the 10 so far. I am not sure if that counts as enough practice before I go out tomorrow night with my workmates? Whatever, I now feel confident enough to join them for a smoke.

I know it is early days but I am not planning to be a regular smoker, just a social one. However, I do realise that now I have started, becoming addicted is “an occupational hazard”, but I suppose it is a risk I will have to take. I am sure you guys will let me know how I am doing.

If you want, I will post again in the future to let you now how my smoking is progressing?

keep us updated!

of course, keep posting and letting us know how you're doing.
I'm glad you decided to go for it. However, it may be better to buy packs of 20 cigarettes, even though you aren't smoking a lot, you can just keep them around and you don't need to buy them so often.
Being a social smoker is a good option, I know a lot of people who can smoke only when they're around smokers and aren't addicted.
However, maybe you need to practise for a bit until you get used to smoking without problems. Don't worry, smoking just a few cigarettes won't make you addicted overnight!


Since you are smoking so little, keep your cigs in a plastic bag and/or the refrigerator. This will keep them fresh if you can't finish the pack in three days.

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Update No.2 by QS smoker

Thanks again for the advice guys.

Just thought I would report back on my first smoking session with my workmates on Friday. I must admit during the day at work I was both nervous and excited thinking about it. In the evening when I told everyone I had started smoking they could not believe it as I have got a really clean cut image and am quite health concious. The non-smokers thought I was an idiot but the smokers welcome me aboard. Aleem help me during the evening with my inhaling and as my inhaling improved I seemed to enjoy each cigarette more. I smoked 4 and finished the last one in the pack today.

I will certainly be buying another pack tomorrow but will be sticking to 10s for the time being. I now plan to smoke for the next couple of weeks to see how it develops. At present it is difficult to know if at the end of the two weeks I will want to stop (which actually I doubt as I am really enjoying smoking at the moment) or have started to smoke more and am buying packs of 20? If you want I will post again just before Christmas to let you know how I got on?

glad you're enjoying it!

of course keep us updated

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Update No.3 by QS Smoker

At the end of my 2nd update I mused about whether after another couple of weeks I would still be smoking and whether I would have started to purchase packs of 20 Marlboro Lights?

Well this is how things went.

During the first week I smoked 2 or 3 a day (6 on Friday), only a couple over the weekend. The next week my daily total was 4 a day. As I was smoking more than I expected I decided to buy my first pack of 20. This proved to be a good idea as we had the Office Christmas Dinner yesterday and I ended up smoking a lot more than I had been. As Aleem's parents were away a group of us went back to his house after the meal. By the time I crashed out around 3 this morning I had lost track of how many I had smoked although by then smoking was beginning to feel like the natural things to do! When I woke up about 10, I experienced my first craving for a cigarette, After I lit up I checked my pack and found I had smoked 11 the previous day which was a bit of a surprise to say the least!

When I got home, due to my shirt smelling of cigarette smoke, my parents quizzed me about whether I had been smoking. I denied it but I suppose I will have to tell them soon?

So yes I am still smoking and I am now buying packs of 20s! I am smoking for the pleasure of it at the moment not because I need to, although I note from some of the other posts that it is easy for us newbies to quickly become addicted!

welcome onboard

Welcome buddy, seems like you are taking to smoking like a duck takes to water. Your days as a nonsmoker are over, don't worry about addiction, just focus on the pleasure of smoking.
About your parents, if you continue to enjoy smoking it will be smart to inform them soon, denying won't do you any good. You are 22, old enough to make up your own mind and although they might be disappointed in your decision they will accept it sooner or later.

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Update No.4 by QS Smoker

Thanks for the feedback Vance.

As promised here is my latest update.

I did not have an opportunity to smoke on either Christmas Day or Boxing Day, no real cravings but next day when I met up with Aleem for lunch I really fancied a smoke and I had three. When I got home, as my parents were out, I decided to have a smoke in my bedroom. I lost track of time and as you can probably guess they walked in just as I was lighting up my 5th of the day! I was then subjected to a lecture about the dangers of smoking. Also they were not too happy about the website I was logged into at the time! Despite the lecture I am still smoking much to their disgust.

After Christmas, when I returned to work, I settled into what has become my norm of 4 a day. Then on New Year's Eve Nicholas invited me down to his parent's place for a “black tie” party. As both of them smoke it was great to be able to smoke unrestricted. Nicholas has recently started smoking Marlboro Reds and asked me if I wanted to try one. I initially declined but as the drink flowed I decided I would. Wow(!), after a few deep inhales I got one hell of a nicotine rush! By the time the party finished I was fairly drunk and dishevelled, with my bow tie and cuff-links both taken off and several buttons of my wing collar dress shirt undone, however I was buzzing having by then smoked 4 Reds. The next morning I had a real craving for a cigarette which was not surprising when I worked out I had smoked 9 Lights and 4 Reds the previous day!

I was very nervous about starting to smoke but I think my days as a non-smoker are now over, I know, that apart from a couple of binges, I am smoking fairly lightly but I am really enjoying it. In view of this I have added a photo of myself in celebratory mood! My next decision as a smoker is whether I should swop from Marlboro Lights to Reds! Any advice guys!

Hey QS smoker, just read your

Hey QS smoker, just read your posts there and I've found them interesting, I just posted afew days on this for the first time, had intermittantly smoked socially, but not for a few years, but recently have felt like trying it properly so to speak, so I have! I too have friends that smoke and it really does seem like a social thing as such...this is my third day as a 'proper' smoker so to speak...just gonna go with the flow!Smoked 3 the first two days, but today have already smoked 5....which was not remotely intentional, I just kinda happened! However like you I see it as more of a social thing, but I guess theres a major chance thats gonna increase if I keep it up, which right now I think I will!

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QS Smoker reply to dilemmagirl

Hi dilemmagirl, glad you found my posts interesting.

Yes smoking for me is very much a social thing with my colleagues and friends. Although having said that I did have a couple whilst out on my own eariler today and as my parents are currently out I am finishing my third whilst typing this. As I said in my 4th Update, apart from a couple of binges, I am currently smoking 4 a day but like you I think there is a major chance that as I continue to smoke and enjoy it that number will increase. As you know I am currently considering swoping from Lights to Reds and have received some good feedback on this point. I will let you all know if I do in my next Update.

Thanks for update!Yes do

Thanks for update!Yes do indeed, smoking lights myself, my friends who smoke actually smoke reds too and love them and they initially started on lights first too and moved on after awhile! Once they started on reds they said that they never could go back to lights, they did also say though that they thought reds got them addicted quicker (one in particular was just smoking afew weeks when a friend offered her a red and she swapped almost immediatly).

Reds are a great smoke.

Reds are a great smoke. Perfect to increase that nicotine rush you are presently enjoying as a new smoker. Take a full drag and hold the smoke in your lungs for a few seconds before exhaling. Instant pleasure! It may be hard however to keep smoking just socially after experiencing the reds. Your brain will love the strong rush, and will demand more, giving you frequent cravings that you will not be able, or want to resist. Smoking a cigarette to satisfy a strong craving is an awesome feeling, and you will be so glad you decided to start smoking. Go for it and enjoy!

How is the habit?

How are you getting on with your new smoking habit? Are you on reds now? How many are you smoking a day? I'm in two minds to start smoking again and if I do, am thinking of going onto reds.

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QS Smoker reply to mark222888

Thank you for your interest. I am fairly busy both at work and home this week so will not be able to post a full update, including how many a day I am now smoking, until Saturday (17/1). I can though confirm that I have now swaped to smoking Reds. Although I am really enjoying smoking I will have to leave it to you as to whether you start again.


and welcome to the club. As you continue to smoke it will get better and better. Would definitely suggest you switch to Reds full time. They will deliver maximum pleasure, taste great and show everyone you are a true smoker.

Reds might be a better value. More nicotine for same price.

they taste and draw quite smooth. They pack a good punch. I find when I'm smoking Reds, I smoke a bit less (cigarette count), but enjoy each one much more thoroughly.

Consider getting Reds and savoring the limited number of cigarettes you smoke each day.

I'm not aware of another full flavor brand as lovely as Reds but am considering full flavor Camels and Winstons to try next.

Welcome to smoking

Glad ya went to Reds. You will like them much better, same price, better and more smoke. You will increase though. Soon you will smoke a ppd or more and not even think about it. You will eventually buy more than 1 pack at a time, because 1 won't be enough.Back when I started, I started with lights too at age 18, after 6 months I was offered a Red, never went back, just increased and loved it. 35 years later I stil love my Reds. 1-1.5ppd, but in my 20s was up to 4ppd . and proud of it.

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Update No.5 by QS Smoker

Thanks again for the feedback guys.

My parents are still very annoyed with me for starting and will not let me smoke at home although I do, in my bedroom, when they are out. My friends although surprised when I started have now accepted the situation.

Having smoked those 4 Marlboro Reds on New Years Eve I knew I would have to try them again. Having finished off a pack of Lights I purchased a pack of Reds on my way to work on the following Monday. Normally I have my first smoke of the day around 10, at work, but I could not wait and smoked one as soon as I left the shop-it tasted great! By the end of the day I had smoked 6-previously on a work day, apart from Fridays, I would only smoke 4 Lights. I continued to smoke 6 a day until Friday when I join my friends from work for a meal and a few drinks. By then Aleem had also decided to swap and by the end of the evening he had smoked 14 and I had smoked 11 and we were both buzzing!

Last week my daily figure increased to 7 or 8 a day (13 on Friday). On Fridays after a week at work it's just great to be able to take my tie and cuff-links off and drink and smoke with my mates.

So as most of you predicted now that I have swapped to Reds I have started smoking more and enjoying it even more. Although I have no ambitions to be a ppd guy I think it would be true to say that this newbie has well and truly picked up the habit!

@ QS Smoker

Glad to hear you have swapped to Reds! You made a great choice and will like them. Hopefully your parents will be more accepting eventually but yes I can relate as mine haven't accepted me as a smoker fully either. Do you think you'll reach 10 cigarettes one day?


I will predict this will be the week QS will step up to 10 a day. I would also expect that within a few months he'll be a pack a day man, loving his reds and wondering how he ever lived without them. QS, you're made a great decision which I know you will appreciate for many years.

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QS Smoker reply to WannaConvert and William

It's hard to believe that a couple of months a go I was a non-smoker and that since I have started I have gone from smoking 2 or 3 Lights a day to now regularly smoking 7 or 8 Reds (a bit less at the weekend depending on what I am doing). Due to various factors including restrictions both at work and home and the cost of cigarettes here in the UK (20 Marlboro Reds are over £9), I am not sure if it is practical to regularly smoke 10 a day let alone a ppd even if I wanted to. However, when I am socializing with friends who smoke it is quite easy for me to smoke more and I have smoked as many as 13 on a couple of occasions. Thus if I am with my mates and there are no restriction I think it is quite possible that I could smoke a ppd. If you want I will keep you posted.?

reply to QS smoker

Yes, definitely keep me posted! Even though we are in two different countries, I feel like our stories are somewhat similar and I'm curious to hear how you progress


QS, yes, please keep us posted on your progress. But, I still predict 10 a day by Friday...

I definately want updates on

I definately want updates on your story...watching it with interest!!

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QS Smoker reply to recent posts

Thanks for the feedback guys I was not sure if people were still intersted. I will post a full Update at the end of January once I have been smoking Reds for a month. In the meantine:-

WannaConvert, yes our stories are fairly similar. I am a trainee Quantity Surveyor hence my allias!-what do you do for a living? I am a bit surprised you are a ppd guy already!

dilemmagirl, you certainly seem to be developing a habit!

William, still 8 a day at the moment. This Friday after a meal out a number of us from work are going nightclubbing so I probably will smoke a lot more than 10!

Reply to QS

That definitely explains your screen name! Guess mine doesn't mean much since i no longer wanna convert but instead have converted!! I work for a life insurance technology firm. Kinda as a junior business analyst.

Oh believe me, I'm shocked too. I knew when I started it was gonna happen but I figured it was gonna be months before I would reach it. Yet here I am, two months in and already a ppd guy. Though I do think stress from work, having coworkers who smoke, stress in my person life has led me to smoking more. I just feel so relaxed when I light up and inhale. Plus now it's like my body is used to smoking after waking up, on the car ride to work, after lunch, car ride after work, before and after the gym, before bed and obviously more times to add up to a pack. It's now hard to picture my life without smoking in it. I guess you could say, I'm addicted! hah

Don't be surprised about

Don't be surprised about being a 1 pack a day smoker. It only took me 2 months to get to a pack a day. And yes does make you feel relaxed. You'll never want go without your cigarettes ever again.

Nice to hear you are still

Wannaconvert, nice to hear you are still enjoying your cigarettes so much, I remember you took to them relatively quickly. Smoking is so relaxing, and will be a great stress reliever for you, as I'm sure you've realized already. How awesome are the cravings when you can't smoke for a bit, and find you just can't wait and have to give in? What a feeling once you light up. Have you developed a particular inhale technique you are finding most enjoyable?

Reply to JP

Hey JP, nice to hear from you again! Yes, I definitely took to smoking quickly and have increased even quicker. It still shocking to think that 3 months ago I was a non-smoker and now I'm at a ppd! I definitely can relate on the cravings. If I'm busy at work and can't get up to smoke it's tough. Though if the work is stressing me out, I definitely have to get up and light up outside. But having to wait and then light up is definitely pure joy. Feeling that rush is great. Guess I'm not far along enough to not be getting a buzz anymore. Do you still get that buzz?

Not really, I guess it's the usually- pull a drag in on the cigarette then open up just enough to inhale and pull the smoke into my lungs. Got any tips?

Yes, wannaconvert, I felt the same way when

Yes, I felt the same way when I started smoking, I couldn't believe how fast nicotine grabbed me and I didn't want it to let go! I don't know that I'd call it a buzz that I feel, but I certainly love the rush I feel after every inhale. My favorite inhale is to take a really decent drag, then snap inhale and hold in your lungs for a couple seconds, the exhale half the smoke slowly, then another brief inhale, then exhale the rest of the smoke, again slowly. While exhaling slowly you will feel a prolonged, powerful rush to your brain, and it is so relaxing. Give it a try, let me know what you think. It most definitely satisfies a strong craving and keeps you wanting more cigarettes. Enjoy!

I tried it!

Oh damn does it give you a rush! It is definitely something that is good for times when I haven't smoked in awhile and wanna get a pleasure rush...or when I'm stressed...or when I just want more pleasure. Do you do this all the time!?

I'd say I probably do it at

I'd say I probably do it at least a couple of times per cigarette, more if I haven't smoked in a bit and have a really strong craving. As I see you agree, it is very satisfying especially if you are feeling stressed. I found that it does increase the frequency of my cravings though, which is fine. I have tried to resist on occasion, but I don't bother anymore, as I always end up giving in.

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QS Smoker reply to WannaConvert

Yes, your screen name does seem a bit obsolete now you are a ppd guy! Perhaps “FullyAddicted” would be more appropriate?

I note that we are both employed in “white collar jobs” (as we call them in the UK). It's busy where I work but normally not too stressful, still it's nice to be able to get out for a few relaxing cigarette breaks during the day. I enjoy the social side of smoking most, it now just feels natural to be smoking with my friends and when there are no restrictions we all smoke a lot heavier than normal. I must admit the nicotine buzz on those occasions is great.

I don't set out to smoke a set number each day, I just smoke as many as I want or is that need? As I said above when there are no restriction my friends and I take advantage of it to smoke as many as we want to.

By the way how does smoking a ppd affect your work in the gym?

Reply to QS

Yes, that would definitely be more appropriate! Too bad I can't change it.

Yep, we are both in white collar jobs and that's nice yours isn't too stressful. The social side of smoking is nice. I enjoy smoking with my coworkers but unlike you not many of my friends smoke so I'm usually on my own when I have to go and light up. If it's at like a bar or in public sometimes I'll make small talk with them but that's it.

That might be a need. Basically going with what your body tells you. At least that's what i think.

So far I haven't experienced any big affects yet. I've been doing the whole gym thing for about a year (it was a 2014 resolution for me) I got with a friend of mine. Started mostly just doing cardio and some strength training here and there. This past summer he suggested we do a tough mudder so I said okay. The workouts increased and then I started smoking in November. He was very upset and thinks it'll ruin our chances of doing well. (he is very competitive) His nagging about it is getting annoying and I kinda just wanna compete, prove him we still do well and then go back to light exercise that we were originally doing. Personally, I think it might affect me more later on down the road but I understand that and if it does, so be it. Do you work out?

Wow, kudos for training for

Wow, kudos for training for the tough mudder, that's hard core training. I'm in pretty decent shape, lift weights, run on the treadmill and play hockey, but I probably wouldn't have the discipline for that so good for you! Cigarettes haven't hindered me in any way, I do believe that my healthy diet and the fact that I'm active and play sports is a huge plus in off setting the negative effects of smoking, so I'm sure you will find it the same. Everyone has a vice, my only one is cigarettes and they help me in so many ways with stress and relaxation, and I love the feeling of being hooked on them, knowing I am powerless to stop. Best of luck with your training.

Thank you JP

Yeah, it's definitely hard core. Albeit a bit more than I originally thought when I signed up. However, I do wanna stick with it to prove my friend that my addiction isn't going to affect my performance. I agree with you that working out, a healthy diet and staying active will help offset some of the negative effects even though we continue to coat our lungs with tar and other chemicals.

I also don't mind this being my vice either. Everyone has one and some are worse than this! If this is the one "bad" thing I do for the rest of my life, so be it.

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Thanks for sharing your story

Thanks for sharing your story QS Smoker!

I got hooked on smoking during my first year of uni and would smoke a few off my mate on nights out. One night of second year I decided to buy a packet of B&H when my housemates were out and smoked a few in the garden. Did this a few nights running and before I knew it was going to the shop for another. Having returned home for my placement year haven't had any for a while. Came out of work last night feeling pretty stressed so without much consideration went straight to the shop and bought 10. I smoked one on the way back to the car and was the best feeling ever. I absolutely love it.

I woke up this morning really wanting another, so when my family went out I lit up in the garden.

Although my dad has smoked since his youth, my parents would be disappointed in me. But I tell you, keeping them in my coat and when I go out alone, I'll be having one. I also love to smoke socially, but not at at work. I admire your progress with smoking and want to know your progress for Jan :)

Great story, QS, and welcome!

It's great to hear about others who have gradually come to love smoking. Despite the exaggerated claims people make about harm to health, smell, addiction, et al., it really is a fine pastime. And great choice on moving up from Marlboro Lights to Reds -- most Reds smokers start with Lights (I think), and going to Reds really is a one-way trip, and quite satisfying.

Although your habit seems to be increasing to some degree, it's really quite possible to be a 10/day smoker, "social" or not. That's about how much I smoke, even though, like you, I've had a binge or two where I've smoked 20 or more in a day. There are few things in life quite as relaxing as hanging out with friends over drinks and cigarettes.

Keep us posted on how things are going -- in the meantime, enjoy another!

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QS Smoker reply to recent posts

As my parents are out and I have got come time on my hands I thought I would strike up my first Red of the day and reply to your recent posts:-

WannaConvert-Yes, I am lucky in having friends at work who smoke and who I socialize with on Friday nights . Apart from Nicholas, who I was at university, with, none of my old school/university friends do. Although one of them is rather curious and I do wonder if he might give it a try?

No I do not work out. However, when I was at university I did play a lot of cricket and have recently joined a local cricket club who play Sunday league matches in the spring and summer, so I am hoping to get picked to play. As an aside professional sportsmen smoking is a bit of a taboo subject in the UK although there are a few who regularly smoke cigarettes and it does not seem to affect their game.

I note what you and JP smoker say about smoking being your only vice. When I was at university I had a fairly clean cut image as I concentrated on my studies. Like a number of students I probably drank a bit too much and liked the occasional game of poker (both funded by a part time job) but I did not smoke and never tried drugs although they were easily available. I suppose you could say now that I have started smoking, cigarettes are also my main vice.

Lovetosmoke43-Thanks for the interest. If you either want to smoke regularly or socially it has got to be your decision. Try not to be influenced too much by anybody. I cannot deny it is relaxing!

Nox-Thanks also for your interest. As I have said before I do not set out to smoke a set number each day. I just seem to smoke how many I want/need. Although I am enjoying the Red I am currently smoking it would taste even better if I was with my mates having a drink. I think it would be quite possible to smoke a ppd with my mates, if there were no restrictions, but it would not be something I set out to do.

It looks like next week at work is going to be very busy as Aleem and I have got to finish a project by Friday which is earlier than we expected. I will try to post a full update on my smoking progress next Sunday (1st Feb)

I've learned that you can't

I've learned that you can't predetermine how many you want to smoke in a day, it just has to come naturally. Some days I can have 2 or 3 and be content, other days I need 10 or 11. It just depends on the circumstances. There is nothing like going out with a group of smokers and bonding. You get to meet a lot of different people that share a similar interest. Good job QS and welcome to the club.

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Update No.6 by QS Smoker

Hi guys,

Not sure how many of you are still interested in this newbie's progress? But if you are here is how things have progressed over the last couple of weeks.

The week before last, apart from Friday, I smoked 8 Reds a day. On Friday, when I socialize with my colleagues' after work, I smoked 14-which is the most I have ever smoked in a day. I was buzzing by the end of the evening!

Last week was very busy as my colleague, Aleem, and I had to complete an urgent project. Thus long days at work. On Monday I smoked 10 Reds but on Tuesday this went up to 12 and I smoked that number a day for the rest of the week. With the pressure at work on I really needed to smoke.

On Friday to celebrate getting the job done we decided to have dinner in the restaurant of the 4* hotel near where we work. We bought some cigars to smoke after the meal and it felt great to be able to loosen up my tie and smoke my first ever cigar-wow what a smoking experience. Even better though was arranging a date with the pretty hotel receptionist!

Having smoked, by my standards, fairly heavily last week the cravings were quite bad yesterday morning but after I had smoked my first couple of Reds I felt OK and I only smoked 6 all day and have only had one so far this morning.

I know this is mainly a cigarette smokers site but if there are any other young cigar smokers out there I would be interested to hear about your experiences, as well as any other general feedback.

reply to QS Smoker

Hey man! Yeah, I'm definitely still interested in your story!! Been busy and stressed myself too this week from work. Ended up going through more than a pack last night due to drinking and smoking more. I definitely felt it last night when i was laying in bed and now this morning!

I unfortunately can't speak to cigars as I haven't had one. From what I've heard I believe they are smoked differently than cigarettes. What was it like though!?

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QS Smoker -

Awesome! Good work! I hope the hotel receptionist smokes too - a perfect date :)
I've tried cigars. It's the only way I can smoke in front of my wife. She's OK with that on special occasions but has a huge downer on cigarettes. You're not meant to inhale a cigar. The nicotine is absorbed through the mouth lining like smoking a pipe (never tried one), but there's no buzz. I don't like them too much.

Please keep the updates

Please keep the updates coming! Always interested to hear how new smokers are progressing. Sounds like you are well on your way.

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QS Smoker reply to today's posts

Thanks for the feedback guys. Before I turn in for the night I thought I better reply to your posts:-

WannaConvert-Good to hear from you again. Last week at work was certainly busy but it sounds like yours was worse if you needed to smoke more than a pack last night. I know I have picked up the habit over the last few weeks but you seem to be seriously addicted. Do your parents know how heavily you are smoking?

Smoking Cigars is certainly different to smoking cigarettes (or "fags" as we sometimes call them in the UK) as you do not inhale and they taste different. After a busy week at work I just really enjoyed the sensation. Why not next time you want to celebrate something treat yourself?

Out of curiosity what U.S.State do you live in?

General Smoker:-I do not know if she smokes or not and to be honest I am not too concerned either way. If she is a non smoker I will not try to get her started-I just hope she is OK with me smoking. I am seeing her on Wednesday-so will report back after then.

Ryan123:-As long as people are intersted I will keep doing the updates.

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Yeah this was my first time going over a pack. Definitely from drinking and just being out with friends. Oddly enough only me and this other guy were the smokers. But we both went out together to smoke. He was older and seemed to have a bigger habit. I think that's why I smoked a lot more. He would have me come with him and I smoked too even though I could have went without. Today I'm back to my ppd habit.

My dad knows and was surprised that I'm already smoking this much this soon. He thinks I need to find someone who "I will quit for". I just enjoy it too much and don't plan to. I feel I'm more relaxed and less stressed when I am smoking. I'm assuming he has told my mom but she hasn't said anything to me outside of how bad it is/ rotting my lungs and how I'm going to get lung cancer.

To answer your other question, I'm in Pennsylvania.

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Hi, just back home from my usual Friday night out with my colleagues from work. As I have said before its great to be able to drink and smoke and generally relax at the end of the week. Fortunatly the pub (I think you call them "bars" in the US) we use has got a heated outdoor terrace-which is great as it is very cold in London at the moment! After last Friday's cigar experience I just had to have another one this evening-an enjoyable change from the Reds.

My parents are still annoyed with me for starting to smoke and would probably read me the "riot act" (as we say in the UK) if I ever started regularly smoking a ppd. The health issue is always something to bear in mind especially as you get older and may be a good reason to quit. However, we are both young so hopefully we can enjoy smoking for many more years to come.

I will post a full update next weekend including details of how things are going with the hotel receptionist I previously mentioned.

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Hey man! Nice, sounds like you're gonna be alternating between cigars and reds now. Is their a specific type of cigar you like or are their not a lot of variety like cigarettes?

Yeah, I hear you about the health issues. I thought about it a lot before I started but now I don't think about it. It's probably because I'm young and don't expect any problems for a long time. I mean even reading some of the posts here about people who have smoked for 50+ years without issue give me hope that I'll be in the same boat. I just try and stay healthy elsewhere. I go to the gym, I try and eat right, etc. Makes me feel somewhat better about what I might be doing to my lungs, lol

Looking forward to the next update, dude!

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