PLEASURE WARNING: Starting smoking now significantly increases your feelings of pleasure.

I've switched to Salem 100's

I thought I'd let people know that I've switched to Salem 100's and to remind people that it's good to sample other brands from time to time. I just finished up my 13th straight carton and I'm about to pick up a few more.

Some of you may know, back in 2006, I switched from Marlboro Red 100's to Marlboro Smooth 100's. I really loved Marlboro Smooth 100's, but after doing a review for Salem 100's, from time to time, in-between the Marlboro's, I would get a single carton of Salem's. And then one day, I just made the switch.

In retrospect, I think I know why I switched and here are the three main reasons:

  • Each puff of Salem 100's delivers thicker smoke than Marlboro Smooths. Even when equally fresh between the two, Salem's are smoother allowing me to take much bigger puffs.
  • Salem also tastes great and provides great menthol feel, pack after pack. I'd get used to Marlboro Smooths to the degree that I didn't even know they were menthol anymore.
  • Salem's last longer so I get more smoke from each cigarette.

A long time ago, I wrote Tips: How to get the most out smoking. The first 4 deal with smoking and I now found myself following all four tips for each and every puff. I always fully exhale before taking a puff, I hold the smoke in for a few seconds after fully expanding my lungs, never fully exhale, and I always cover up the filter ventilation holes.

Find your brand,


I read the tips on how to get

I read the tips on how to get the most out of smoking when I started out fifteen months ago and followed them. It's probably why I got hooked as quickly as I did. It's why I enjoy smoking as much as I do. Newbies must read this part of the site. It's a great way for a newbie to look like a seasoned pro when smoking.
If you follow it, you will look natural when you smoke and it will maximize the pleasure.

The how to start smoking and

The how to start smoking and smoking tips and were a tremendous help to me when I started my smoking journey in April this year and I appreciate all the feedback and information on the different brands. Many thanks.


I agree. I went through a phase of trying different brands, but I always came back to my Salems.

I smoke because of Salems

I agree with Lets Smoke...I love Salems. When I first started trying a few brands early in my smoking career, I smoked some Winstons and Marlboros, but I didn't find them that pleasure able. But when I inhaled my first drag of salem's wondrous menthol, I knew in that moment I was going to be a smoker. Even for a 12-year old it was an instant decision and a great one.

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The Picture Almost Says It All!

In other posts I have related my love for Salem 100 FF smokes. As pleasure_admin said, the smoke is thicker. They last longer, which I think is mostly due to their slower burn rate. Though I sometimes smoke Maverick 100 FF menthol to save cash, I always come back to Salem 100s when I long for a truly unmatched experience of smoothness and the great sensation of a fuller, thicker inhale.

Because of the unmatched smoothness and cool sensation, I can smoke more often without lessening the enjoyment. As for fully exhaling before the inhale and then not completely exhaling all the smoke at once, I've been doing that without even thinking about it for years since it definitely heightens the pleasure.

Another wonderful thing about Salems for me is that, if I smoke heavily in the evening, I still feel fine when I awake - immediately ready for another Salem if I so desire. If I were to do that with several other brands I would wake with a morning cough and much throat clearing. In addition to all its other benefits, it would seem that Salem 100s somehow manage to be more gentle on the body while still providing max pleasure!

BTW, Salem FF smoke leaves me with a delightful sensation of subtle sweetness. Has anyone else noticed the same?

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It's a lil weird a Salem

It's a lil weird a Salem carton outside of my home state is actually 22-25 cents more than a Newport carton. Salems do indeed have lots of menthol taste in em. Even mo inty flavor than Benson and Hedges Menthols.

My blog is still up, and I actually posted on classical Salem ad on there. I intend on posting another Salem ad this week but this one deals with now-defunct Salem Slim Lights. There used to be a Newport 120s as well.

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Salem Lights

Salem Lights are now branded as Salem Gold. The cigarette itself looks exactly the same as Salem 100 FF, but the tobacco blend is weaker and the filter has those tiny holes all the way around it. By taping over the holes, though, I found them to be very nice and gentle for use with a smoke hood. However, the Salem 100 FF is killer good in a hood when you need to step it up.

Salem Archive Ad

I wish the pleasure administrator, would put the women holding the old Salem pack design back on the home page!

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