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Marboro Skyline 100's Review

Cool Menthol. Cool Finish.

Pros: Menthol fresh and sweet taste; pretty smooth for a menthol.

Cons: Might be a little light for some.

Number of Marlboro Skyline's smoked prior to review: 2 Packs.

Before I got my hands on my first pack, I read that some people thought it tasted like a lighter version of Marlboro Smooth. In general, I have to agree with those people - it's very similar, but in a lighter version and not so minty and not as sweet. It has a sweeter taste than Marlboro Menthol Golds and I think many people will enjoy them. If you're new to smoking or just about to start, I highly recommend trying Marlboro Skyline 100's. If you're going to be helping a friend or family member start smoking, pick them up a pack.

My first choice is still Marlboro Smooth 100's, but I'll grab for the Skyline's when it's getting late in the evening when I don't want to open another fresh pack of Smooth's.

I highly recommend them for the "lights" smoker or a full flavor smoker who want's to smoke more, so pick up a pack today and let us know what you think.


P.S. It's a great time to be a smoker.



I just tried the Skylines... I think they are great! I've mostly been a menthol smoker and think the taste of these is very good. Its a more complex flavor than regular menthols. I agree that they would be great for someone learning to smoke since they are so smooth on the inhale. I'll definitely pick up a pack now and then for a change of pace.... kinda like having dessert. lol

Marlboro skyline 100's

I first tried them a week ago and loved them I have never smoked Marlboro cigarettes before bought 1 pack loved them then bought 2 more packs so I love Marlboro skyline 100's if they sold them in a carton where I bought these at I would by a carton of them

Are they white filtered?

Are they white filtered?

White filtered.

Yes they are.



Just smoked my first Skyline 100....nice! I have been enjoying Special Blend 54 100s but the stores where I've bought them don't have them anymore and now have the new Skylines in their place.
I prefer a lighter (and not overwhelming) menthol but in a stronger cigarette and my first Skyline seemed a little on the "light side" as far as amount of smoke....but I got a nice little buzz out of a couple of double pumps, so despite the slightly lesser amount of smoke (compared to the SPB 54), I'd have to say it seemed to do the job. And I liked the mildly minty but extremely fresh taste!
Will have to smoke a few packs of these and see how they go the distance. Still on the lookout for the new Newport non-menthols, since I smoke non-menthols (Reds 100s, B&H) more than menthols, though the ratio of menthols is rising with these new cigs with less menthol.


They are very light, that's why I'm here...was trying to see if they are an ultra light! So light I'm not even gonna compare them to Smooths, I love Smooths! Not caring for the Skylines too much! JMHO But I'm a heavy smoker & have been smoking for 20 years, they just aren't cutting it with me...however I will smoke them as long as they have the promotional price ;)

I respectfully disagree, it

I respectfully disagree, it is NOT a good time to be a smoker a pack of anything decent comes out to roughly 9 dollars. In 1950 a carton was less then 2 dollars, even with inflation that's a deal.

There's just so many

There's just so many different truly pleasurable brands to choose from now and they're certainly worth 9 bucks if you happen to live in a a state with extremely high taxes. My favorite is Marlboro Smooth 100's and they didn't even exist 4 years ago.


I agree with you on that

I agree with you on that one. my grandma told me that cartons were less than two bucks.the packs were realy cheap back then. I am lucky packs here are not 9 dollars.I aslo get the coupons from the manufatcors that helps. but i do wish ciggerattes are cheap like back in the good old days!!!

I smoked ONE today and it

I smoked ONE today and it made absolutely sick afterwards. Not a bad taste, but once I finished, I was severely dizzy, nauseas and every inch of my body felt like it was in spasm. Granted, it lasted about 20 minutes, I do not plan on smoking another one. I think I will stick with my usual lol...

making you sick..

Just to let you know its not so much the actual cigarette that makes you feel dizzy, nauseas, and spasms, it is the chemicals they use in the fsc paper that our government made the cigarette companies use. For what I have heard the chemicals used in making the fsc paper are chemicals similiar to mothballs and vinyl, yuk, hope this helps


I see this is an old post, but may still be worth answering. I also thought there were new chemicals involved, but have since found out that no new chemicals are being used and that the trick is in making the paper have rings at some frequency along the shaft of the cigarette ("speed bumps") which require higher temperature to burn at the usual rate and when they don't get the flow from smoking, the temperature falls and the cigarette goes out. The rings are made using chemicals already used (like for attaching the filter).


My go-to cigs are Camel Menthol Lights or Marlboro Smooth so when these Skylines came out I wanted to give them a try. Needless to say I picked up a pack and they aren't too bad. Enjoyable to smoke but...v e r y light! And I mean light lol still have a minty taste though and are very easy to smoke. All in all...I'd purchase another pack but not on the regular.

Not bad at all

I just picked up a pack of the Skyline 100's as the store I stopped at was out of the Smooth 100's. I have to agree with the others. These are a much lighter cig. I like the flavor a nice mix between a sweet peppermint and menthol. A definite go to when I can't get the Smooths in the 100's as I smoke the shorts much faster.


I absolutely love these! I've been a smoker of Marlboro Menthols, but these definitely beat it. The taste was better, and the inhaling of the mint felt a lot cooler, not to mention I got a better buzz.

anyone remember brights

They taste a lot like a cigarette I like called bright.

I like the Skylines too!

I have smoke menthol cigarettes for a long time & these are not harsh like most of the menthol cigarettes are.

not too bad liittle

not too bad liittle dizziness for some reason and i usually smoke marlboro methols?

skyline 100's

I might not be that avid of a smoker, seeing as I just started a year ago, but I have mixed reviews on the skylines. with the new Marlboro blacks that just came out a few months ago, I've been smoking them, and these are a nice break. I would have to say that these aren't a light version or smooth, but a sweet ground between light and ultralight; I think that after I smoke the rest of this carton i'll try something else now.

Marlboro Skylines

These are the nastiest cigarettes I have ever smoked. It used to be old brand that no longer exists, i.e. Viceroy's. If you are a menthol smoker, don't waste your money.

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