PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

Over 500,000 reads on the How to Start Smoking Page!

We made it over 500,000 reads on the How to Start Smoking Page. Of course, some page views are search engine crawlers and others are just people surfing the web and checking things out. But, if just 5% of the people were interested and followed the instructions - that means we've helped 30,000 people discover the pleasures of smoking.

Good job to everyone participating on this site and thanks for getting the word out!

How long until we hit 1,000,000?





Wow. That's impressive

Wow. That's impressive

i started because of this group

Thank you all. Bobby

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That's great news!

Changing mindsets

The site has helped change me to become pro-smoking, I've started accepting a cigarette with a couple of dedicated smoking friends which has intensified our friendships. I know they they feel good about being the one's to draw me in, and I feel good for that even though to the outside world I don't smoke. Unfortunately contact with both friends is rare consequently I am a rare smoker. I used to be anti-smoking but my experience and your site has changed me for good, I now want to defend and encourage people who want to smoke even if I don't become a regular smoker myself. Thank you for the advice on how to start it puts me in a good position to impress my smoking friends.

Start smoking

I'm a non smoker but would like to start smoking. But I don't have the nerve to start and would love if someone would encourage me to start and give me that push I need, thanks

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Everything Is Awesome!

I am in the U.S. NEW England! This site has given me the courage to embrace my smoking once again after struggling with my conscience in the stupid effort to try to quit. RESISTANCE...IS...FUTILE. I literally LOL going through this site and am actually very grateful for it. I started smoking at 15 y/o and will be 43 in October. My smoking has become sporadic down to 3 or 4 cigs a week. I have resolved to change that for the new year to increase smoking! But the USA is becoming the USSA and cigs in Massachusetts are $10.00 USD a pack! The government thinks it knows what's best.

Anyway, thank YOU for creating this website!

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