PLEASURE WARNING: Cigarette smoke contains pleasureable substances.

Red Sun Menthol Review

Bold Cold Menthol

Pros: Very clean and refreshing menthol flavor.

Cons: No 100's and light on smoke.

Website: Red Sun Cigarettes

I've recently sampled a pack of Red Sun menthol cigarettes. These cigarettes are all white and about 82.5 mm in length, a little shorter than king size cigarettes. Red Sun advertising claims that their cigarettes are super-premium and "features an authentic, bold tobacco taste. Designed by smokers, for smokers, Red Sun is a truly great-tasting cigarette... and an immensely satisfying smoke."

Are Red Sun cigarettes truly super-premium and a great-tasting cigarette? Both claims are subjective and what I'm about to offer is simply my opinion and nothing more. On taste, I felt that they ranked right up there with Nat Sherman's hint of menthol; a special taste not duplicated with any other mass distributed cigarette. So, yes, I think they hit the mark on both counts.

What I found that doesn't match my preferences for the perfect cigarette are 1) they are not offered in 100mm length and 2) they delivered smoke volumes expected from cigarettes in the ultra-lights category rather than the full flavor variety.

So, if you're looking for cigarettes that tastes great, likely low in tar, yet retains a respectable nicotine content, and prefer shorter length cigarettes, Red Sun should be on the top of your try list.



I will stay with my Salem

I will stay with my Salem 100's! Did try them, but they are not for me.

A real good smoke

I completely agree with the review. I tried some Red Sun cigs recently - the store I usually go to here in Oregon to buy cigs had a Red Sun "ambassador" offering samples. I gave them a try and thought they were great - I usually smoke Natural American Spirit, but the Red Sun cigs were as flavorful if not even bolder than American Spirit. (I believe the person running the company behind Red Sun used to work at Santa Fe Natural, the producer of American Spirit, so not surprised at the high quality of the product.). In summary - the Red Suns were really good and I'll be buying them again and sharing them with friends. Well done, Red Sun.

Finally able to try RED SUN

I was finally able to try Red sun while down in California. Great review here, completely agree. A very satisfying smoke and can't wait for them to be available in my area. The higher nicotine, lower tar ratio is very appealing to me. Slow burning and smooth, very good. Less chemical taste on the menthol's than my regular brand.

Tried them, pretty good.

They are satisfying. I just bought a pack here Connecticut where I live and I have to say, I actually found them to be a pleasurable smoke. I was a little iffy at first on trying a new brand and spending my hard earn money on a new kind of cigarettes, but not bad at all. I don't know much about the company so I'm going to do some research to learn more about the premium ingredients and low tar.

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