PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

starting to smoke


i've been reading sfg for quite a few years now and i finally want to take the final step and start smoking. i'm a 19 y/o male from europe. my wish to start smoking occurs from a slight fetish for women smoking but i always felt so guilty that i didnt light up yet even when i had the courage to buy cigarettes (multiple times). i just need your encouragement to give in...

hoping someone replys before the forum is offline
thx guys

Scam or sting or anything not welcome here

Posts like this are shutting down these forums.

Missing the point

I think you're missing the point of what makes people on these boards post fake topics. The guys says he's a male of legal age that basically wants to give in to his smoking fetish. All of those things are legal, so you're concern about that is misplaced. Furthermore, his fetish would be the reason he would come up with a lie, not the lie he would come up with. So I'm not sure why you would go out of your way to claim he's "scamming" the site with such fervor and vitriol.

To the original poster,

Do it! I started smoking largely due to my fetish, and it's been great. Before I started, I dated exactly zero girls who smoked. After I started, I've exclusively dated smokers. If that's attractive to you, go for it. It feels amazing feeding your addiction, getting cravings, and knowing your hooked.

calm down wtf, any evidence?

wow ... i just dont write my whole life story and immediately you guys think its fake. it is not. check my ip whatever, hopefully theres at least someone to assist me

i got an unopened pack of

i got an unopened pack of gauloises in front of me but I just feel to nervous, I know concerning the recent posts this sounds made up but it is actually not


I can understand your apprehension in this age of anti-smoking fervor.

When I smoked my first many years ago, smoking was considered normal. It's a brave person who chooses smoking today with society's feelings about it.

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Just curious

Hey qwerty1,
I'm just curious. You opened the pack of gauloises and smoked one, right?

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Wow, Gauloises seem to be

Wow, Gauloises seem to be very popular in Europe. Im from the US, but my Father is lives in Germany smokes these in Lights, and Menthol. I wasn't sure what they were at first, cause the pack is mis leading, the reds are Lights, and Blues are Full Flavor which is kinda backwards cause smokes here are red for full flavor, and gold or blue for lights. Anyway I recommend anything menthol light for a new smoker, this last summer I switched over to menthols and now I don't like anything else. I was hesitant cause I wasn't sure if they would mix well with coffee, but they do. Menthols have always fascinated me, and they still do. I love the "cooling" effect that menthols have, and the smell, the whole 9 yard, everything about them is awesome. Good luck. Sorry that some of use are weary of ur post, but we're having a bit of a crisis here at SFG, ppl are worried about fraud, and pervs, but u don't seem like one of those, u seem pretty honest. Also check out the "How to start smoking" page over on the left side of the site. Good luck.

Yup, it's legit, sure.

Oh yes. I totally buy this post 100%.

Doesn't every adult turn to the smoking fetish sites for "support and encouragement" when they buy smokes for the first time?

Jesus Murphy.


i did it!

sorry guys for not updating, but today i finally had the courage to inhale... wow it just felt soo good! :) i think i was born as a smoker and im rly devastated that i cant update you guys anylonger bcause of the forums closibg today. keep enjoying your cigarettes and being uncommon. bye and thank you so much for helping me discovering!

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Hi qwerty1

Check out I found several of the people from here on there.

Born to smoke

Qwerty1...welcome aboard...inhaling and loving it right off the bat is a pretty good sign that not only were you meant to smoke but you're in for the long haul.

I loved making the transition to being a regular PPD+ smoker at about the same age as you are now...I envy you journey and hope to hear more on either the Refuge or perhaps this site if it stays up...this is 15 October and we're still on the's hoping.

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