PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

So...where to?

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I'd be really sad if pleasure_admin's decision is final. I enjoy this place.

Assuming it is, where's everyone else off to to hang out? I was away when most of the discussion took place, so it's now harder to find in amongst all the other posts.


Go to

Thanks for the tip

Nice to know you boys are all heading there.

The Refuge is now the new place where I will go whenever I want to see just how fucked up the low end of smoking fetishism can get.



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Glad to be of help - you

Glad to be of help - you clearly have a lot of times on your hands!

Time, yes

I do have time on my hands. Such are the rewards of a life well lived and decisions sensibly taken.

But, believe me Mate, I'd rather have time on my hands than what so many of the lot who posts here has on their hands.


Time well spent

Call me a student of the human condition.

Watching you boys in action is kinda like being with National Geographic and studying weird-ass behaviour that most people never see.

Time well spent indeed.

Keep on doing what you do,


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take pride Hunter

In that you are the perfect one here. Feels good .Doesn't it. No need to respond but you will.

You've got a pretty low bar

If you consider me perfect I think you've got a pretty low bar.

But, in an environment where men sit at their computer pantsless masturbating to other men who are posting as women or getting all hot and bothered over posts like the following, I can understand how my comparative "normalness" would be both revered as an unattainable goal for you lot as well as derided and attacked like you all have predictably done.

Anyway, without further ado, let's have a look at some of the trends that have been actually posted here and responded to by a significant portion of the population at this site:

- Help me start smoking. I'm an adult and I can't figure out how to do it myself.
- Help me get more addicted to smoking
- Help me get my wife / gf totally addicted to smoking
- I love to sit under a hood and smoke my ass off
- I really enjoy jerking off while I smoke in my car / truck
- I wake up sweating and shaking every night and smoke with my cigarette shaking between my orange-brown fingers
- I'm a complete nicotine addict and that really turns me on
- Tell me all about what your cravings feel like (so I can jerk off while I read it)
- I saw a hot chick smoking the other day and have been jerking off to that for some time; here's what she looked like so you guys can jerk off to her too
- I already smoke 4 ppd. Help me get to 5 ppd.
- I am in love with "Lady Nicotine" (Jesus, even typing that one makes me shake my fucking head)
- My nephew has ADHD. I've talked with his parents and we all agree that getting the kid to smoke would be best for him. (I must say, from the perspective of Theatre of the Absurd, our boy juanarg really provided a ton of shit. I can't imagine just what floats around his brain every day)
- I like to jerk off while smoking bundles of 9 or 10 cigarettes at a time. It really makes me cum harder

There is just so much more material, but the above sample of representative posts pretty much tells the story as far as I can see it.

The bottom line for me is that the lot of you simply choked the life out of your own site by making it all about choking your chickens despite the admonitions of the bloke who runs the place. The cruelty of that irony cannot be overlooked.

My greatest concern is that now that you are all "homeless", you'll show up on other sites and fuck them up with your collective "ways". I'd really hate to see that happen because there are other places out there that actually are fun.

Anyway, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And, one thing for sure, if any of you adolescent dick slappers show up at any of the sites I like to visit and start to fuck them up with your insanity I am fully committed to bringing your antics to the attention of various site moderators and administrators to ensure that you don't pollute those sites with your shit and wreck them as you've wrecked this place.

The bloke I feel worst for is the pleasure admin. He started this place, tried his best to keep it going and was overrun by the bunch of you, dicks in hand, ignoring his gentle admonitions to keep this place from degenerating into the fetishers' cesspool that it has.

History is valuable because one can learn from it. And, I have certainly learned from the history at this place so whenever any of you boys start to get weird on any other site that I happen to visit you can bet the mortgage on the fact that I'll be on you like stink on an ape and will do everything I can to get you banned from those sites.

Now, get on back to doing what you do. And, don't forget to wash your hands after.

Respectfully yours,


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It's a complete waste of my time but I'll respond anyway.

Well, I was correct - you did respond. My observation of human behavior was correct in your case. Those who consider them selves always right will always fight to the last word.

God Bless You Hunter. Look at yourself in the mirror this evening and smile. You are rightous. You are without fault. We are the idiots here - not you. Go out and tell your friends about your victory here. Have a GF? Then tell her too. She'll be happy to hear about how your posts here.

Go in peace friend. Take the last word if you feel the need. There isn't any point in me wasting my time reading or responding to your posts. I'm out.

You won mate! You won the silly little battle on this forum.

Smells like ....

I love the smell of victory.

Ohhhhhhh Yaaaaaaaaaa.

I've banned Hunter. There's

I've banned Hunter. There's no point of him going on and on and ridiculing anyone on this site.


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Thanks pleasure-admin

Hunter may be intelligent and well educated but I believe he is a very unhappy person that has to degrade others to bring some sense of reality to his position in life.

A million thanks

That guy was the biggest self-indulgent POS I've ever seen in my life. I had to restrain myself several times from responding vehemently to his posts. The only reason I didn't was because I knew that's exactly what he wanted. Thanks again pa!

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Hunter...not sure what the

Hunter...not sure what the point of your posts are? They certainly aren't helpful to anyone.

That's ok tt

Hunter didn't know what Hunter's posts were either ... other than perhaps profanity-laced drivel! Good riddance!!





Not much time

Guess we're all sad to see the sun set on these forums, but with the obvious stated once more, the key question remains: what's the URL of choice for those whose wish to keep talking about smoking?

Go to

I, for one, am still holding onto hope that the pleasure_admin has changed his mind and won't shut this site down after all. Otherwise, it appears that many of our members here are migrating to Use that as your URL and then as soon as you register there you will see it.



Appreciate the steer, Ben.

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Went there yesterday

Signed up on yesterday and found some familiar names there. When you read the rules set down by the admin. it sounds like it may be the same admin. as here just another sight. Check it out.

Dont think so

I don't think it is the same person as PA. I believe they went by Reckless when they posted here.

Is it free to register an

Is it free to register an account on The Refuge do you know? I hope these forums stay as well. I keep checking.. I don't want them to go...

it is free

It is friendly over there, come check it out.

Good bye.

I've enjoyed reading and occasionally posting, but I don't think I'll join the refuge. Smoking is a pleasure, but I think the dram of this forum will just move there. I wish this forum would continue, but I wouldn't want to manage it and I understand PA's decision to shut it down. No Internet forum is without drama or fakers, but I wish this site didn't become so hostile over a problem that's all over the Internet. There's always fakers, just ignore them, which is what I've tried to do. always important to be careful online and I've tried not to get too emotional or attached to anyone here. I wish it would be continue, but i know this four has been going downhill for awhile now. Good bye everyone, and best of luck. I'll be reading the refuge but problem won't join. I didn't post on here much anyway.

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