PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

Thanks to the pleasure admin

Thank you for hosting these forums. We will miss them, as most of the participants were real people with real thoughts and questions. I particularly thank you for providing a few final days for existing members to say goodbye, many other online forums have simply shut down immediately with no advance notice. Take care and good bye.L

I second that motion

Let me add my name to what I assume will be a long list -- those who owe a debt of thanks to pleasure_admin for starting this website in the first place. Being able to reveal my "inner smoker" felt great, and while I suppose it was logical for a site such as this to be abused, it served a genuine purpose and the forums will be missed.

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Many thanks Pleasure Admin

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for providing not only this forum, but for the entire website, which helped to bring my pleasure back to me.

Thanks also for removing the troll.
Intelligent or not, at the end of the day he WAS a troll, here only to disrupt and annoy, never to contribute anything remotely positive.

Of course I regret that the end is nearing, but I also understand your reasons for doing what you have to do.

We're not all as Hunter tried to paint us, as I'm sure you'll know already.

I'm glad that you're keeping the site up, as there are a lot of people out there who will still benefit from the content.

I'm a full time smoker now, so it has already served its purpose for me.

Many thanks PA


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I'll third the motion

Thanks Pleasure-Administration for making it possible for the smoking community to share thoughts and experiences and thanks for giving us regulars time to say good by. I will be checking back in to see if there is any thing new.

Thanks here also

This is a good site and I appreciate your watching over it. I've made many good smoking friends here and learned from them.

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Thank You!!

Highly appreciate your efforts for creating and maintaining a forum where smokers around the globe could communicate with each other about their favourite habit. This forum helped me to remove my inhibitions and get started and also helped me to manage my transition into a serious smoker wonderfully. I learned a lot from the veteran smokers out there which also helped me to mature as a young adult. Also, thanks a lot for giving an advance notice so that we have enough time to think about where to migrate; but still, I have a tiny hope somewhere deep inside that you may reconsider the decision to close. I know it is heavy taxing to moderate each and every post and in addition to this forum, you do have a busy real life. Despite all this, you've managed the site fairly well which is definitely worthy of admiration. Though they were trolls and creeps, I believe that the general purpose of the site was met.

PS: This site is as addictive as smoking. Thanks for the efforts!


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Thank you very much

I have just come home from the beach on a gloriously sunny day feeling relaxed after smoking a couple of cigarettes walking on the sand. I was only able to do that after learning here about the wisest way to take up smoking again and receiving encouragement from others with far more experience than I.

I for one will miss this site greatly; but it your perfect right to close the site- after all, you constructed it at your expense and you have managed it with your time and money. I am very grateful.

Thank you so very much!


I've said it already but I will say it once more ... THANK YOU and best of luck to you in the future!

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Will the old sections be archived and kept or will nothing remain as the remnant of this site?

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I have enjoyed this site a lot and I will miss it. Hope to see many of you on The Refuge.


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The weird and the wonderful

It has been a fun ride and I have gotten a lot of enjoyment from the site!
Many thanks to Pleasure_Admin, may the wind be at your back (so your smoke does not get in your eyes).
Also many thanks to all the posters that make the site so eclectic and interesting.
Be well,

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Thanks Admn....

Just wanted to say 'thanks' to Pleasure_Admin for this site.....I'm sorry it's been decided to be taken down as I enjoyed asking/answering questions with regards to smoking. No doubt, I'll miss it as I truly enjoyed socializing with others on this site.

All the best!


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I always enjoyed reading your posts. Check out, I signed up yesterday and found some of the people from here over there. Check it out.

Thanks SSB

Always enjoy your posts also. Come on over to refuge board and meet with other SFG friends.


I'd also like to thank pleasure_admin for creating this site because it helped me to quit smoking permanently.I joined as a smoker and will leave as a non-smoker.After many failed quit attempts,I finally got over the hump and left smoking behind for good.Victory is mine.I finally conquered the beast and won.

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Do forums still work??

Do forums still work??


For now. Guess PA just hasn't gotten around to shutting them down yet. I will miss it. My guess he'll shut them down during his lunch break or after he's down with work. Wish he'd change his mind, but I get why he's decided to do it. Too much work for a site that's become something other than what he intended. Too bad a few bad apples spoiled the bunch.

Not sure

I tried to post a reply on another thread but it would not work.

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