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One Brand Only

I visited a small Hispanic grocery recently to buy some special peppers for a recipe. They had only one brand of cigarettes for sale behind the counter -- Marlboro reds.

If you had a store and stocked only one brand, what would it be?

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Marlboro Lights

I don't smoke them but I feel like they're the most accessible cigarette--kind of the Coca-Cola of cigs if you will. If it were the only pack offered and mine was the only store around I feel like people would begrudgingly buy them even if it wasn't their brand.

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This is a great topic. I

This is a great topic. I agree with ryan, I like Marlboro Lights, and they pretty much seem like the most popular brand of cigarettes after Newport Originals but I live in NY, and Newports are the #1 cigarette here. I would probably stock Camel Crush cigarettes, the one that's original and then menthol if you want. I only smoke menthols, and I know that I would probably have no cigarette rather than a regular.

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Marlboro Reds

No doubt in it............. It is not because they are simply the best; but mainly due to my psychological attachment to them.


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Smoked Marlboro Reds for years. Now switch off to Marlboro Edge depending if the Edge have dollar off coupons.

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Marlboro Smooths. Absolutely

Marlboro Smooths. Absolutely amazing!!


After a pack or two of these ain't nobody escaping them!

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I was gonna say these!! I

I was gonna say these!! I just switched to Newports, love them!!

One thing is for sure, they

One thing is for sure, they are not for somebody looking to be the occasional smoker. They sneak up on you and really quick. My gf talked me into trying them and waited till I was about two packs in to tell me they are one of the strongest and the most highly addictive cigarette with the highest nicotine available. Damn brat got me hooked!

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Since these are my regulars-I'd be perfectly happy!!

Neat subject...tough call

So many great choices, but I would opt for Salems as my sentimental was this delightful cigarette that took me from curious experimenter to full-time PPD+ smoker.

I'm a Marlboro reds smoker so

I'm a Marlboro reds smoker so I would be happy if only Reds were available.

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Ryan what is your brand? Mine? B&H Special Filter (Classic)

I agree that Malboro Reds is a safe bet; but I have a slight prefence now for B & H Special Filter- it's a full strength but smooth taste. Ryan, what is your brand, if I may ask?


I don't have a brand my I have smoked menthols almost exclusively for two years now. I buy a pack of reds now and then, and I got a pack of Newport Golds once just to spice it up. I usually smoke Seneca Menthol 100s, and get my personal favorite Marlboro Smooth 100s when I'm out of those or for a change of pace. I've also had a pack of B&H menthol 100s lights and and pack of Saratoga 120s. Both were stale but I loved them both more than any other cigerattes I've tried despite the fact they were a little stale. Also got a regular pack of Nat Sherman's once, they were very good but not worth the price.

Sorry if my post is slightly off this topic. Afraid the forums will close at any time now, and thought I'd plug in one last time. Good bye and good luck everyone!

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