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Marlboro Skyline

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I have been smoking Marlboro lights for a while. The other day I was in the mood for menthol so I picked up Marlboro Skyline. I heard of it a long time ago on cigarette reviews, and I thought I could go to this variety to suit my interest in menthol. It is also distiguable, as it has a beautiful blue label.

I believe I made an awful mistake. It didn't have nearly enough menthol, even for a light menthol. It tasted like I was smoking chemicals soaked in a cheap mouthwash.

Now that I think about it, it got awful reviews from the Cigarette community. Do not try this. Marlboro does have quality menthol, but definitely not this one.

Has Anyone else tried it? I want to see if I'm not the only here.

I'm a newbie to being

I'm a newbie to being addicted. Smoked marlboros occasionally for about ten years before being introduced to Newport. Must say I've never felt any sort of withdraw or addiction to smoking with any of marlboros lines. I never tried Marlboro black menthol. Everyone I talk to says they are pretty good so I've been tempted to try them. After about two weeks of smoking Newports though I decided to try going back to Marlboro menthols and it was just a waste. Actually it didn't even feel like smoking anymore. My gf told me to try the black menthols if I want but at this point told me I would probably just be wasting my money.

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