PLEASURE WARNING: Starting smoking now significantly increases your feelings of pleasure.

Thank you guys

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I want to thank you guys for making this such an awesome site and such a great experience. I came here in April of this year a non smoker wanting to fit in with my friends. Now I'm an unabashed smoker. I have you guys to thank for my transition. Smoking has helped me through my difficulties whether it was studying for a test or when I was recovering from my accident. Its helped me make new friends. It helped introduce me to my boy friend, the man I wish to marry and the father of my child to be. Yes, I originally wasn't going to announce it for a little while yet. But yes, I'm pregnant and 6 weeks along. I might see you guys at the refuge or some other boards.

Thank you once again, guys. I love you all.


I've enjoyed your postings on here and your journey as a smoker., Candice.

Now that you're pregnant, do you plan to quit smoking? Best of luck with whatever you decide.

Good luck in the future and will look for your postings on the refuge.

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Thank you so much, Fred. Ive

Thank you so much, Fred. Ive enjoyed your posts since I started here and your one of the ones that helped me.

Now that I'm pregnant, I will try to quit. I'll definitely be cutting back. I have to think now about the little one that's growing inside of me even though its extremely early in my pregnancy.

I will definitely be seeing you over on the refuge.

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