PLEASURE WARNING: Quitting smoking now significantly reduces your feelings of pleasure.

Cheers! And thanks.

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Many thanks to Pleasure_Admin for putting together such a compelling site. It has drawn many of us on a daily basis, there are not many sites that I visit every day.
There is only one constant in life, and that is change.
I will still probably come and check in now and then, forums or not.
So thanks again!
As you push that final key, as the moment comes when you change the site forever, know that your work has impacted many in a very good way. So here is to change, and the future!
And to the memory of the outrageous and the wonderful.


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Cheers! And thanks

I second this one also.

Hope we'll see you guys over at refuge

I will probably check in once in awhile as well. I'll miss this place and the forums. Cheers to PA for putting up with us for so long...

Mac -- hope to cross paths again!


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