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Marlboro Special Blend

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I’m a diehard Reds Smoker, but decided to try Marlboro Special Blend today. The cigarettes smelled more aromatic as soon as I opened the pack and after a few drags I determined that they taste very much like regular Reds, just with more flavor, and a tad bit sweeter. They also seem to be a bit less harsh. But after smoking about 2/3 of the pack this afternoon, I seem to be wheezing more so than usual this evening. Perhaps this tobacco blend has more of something I’m not used to or maybe they just have more Philip Morris chemicals in them. Has anyone else experienced this with Marlboro Special Blend? I still think regular Reds taste “cleaner”, but these may be an interesting smoke every once in awhile provided I can breathe ok when smoking them.


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Ya, when I smoked Marlboro

Ya, when I smoked Marlboro Lights, I tried the Special Blend Lights, and I didn't like them very much, the lights tasted cleaner.

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