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OK , But NO!

I understand completely what you're saying about the pleasure aspect of smoking. But what you don't realize is that this is the brainwashing your mind has become accustomed to. You can thank subliminal advertising of the past, stupid people you surround yourself with, and your own mind. You should be smart enough to know that smoking, in short, equals death. If you choose to smoke, that's fine...but to go out of your way to make a website about the joys of smoking and how to start have serious problems. How does that make you feel that you might have encouraged these young people to start smoking and in turn, years later they die of lung cancer, emphysema, cardiac arrest, or oral cancer. Not to mention the difficulty breathing, yellow teeth, bad breath, dark circles under the eyes, lack of oxygen, and impotence (among many other things!) The sad part about the author of this site is that he or she was too mentally weak to quit smoking, so he or she decided to turn it around and fully embrace death from a weed that grows from the ground.

who is it that's being brainwashed?

think it over...

Come now, don't mindlessly believe what you see on tv.

not smoking will STILL kill you.

I hope you realize

Just because you don't smoke doesn't mean you'll live forever. Nonsmokers can still die at young ages too, especially if they're kids in urban cities. I think I'm more concerned about a bullet killing me than a cigarette. And you don't have to smoke in order to become a crime victim.

BTW, I hope you're aware of these sites online that point out people who smoked and lived for 100 years or more. I even read online once that Japanese smokers live longer than USA smokers. I'm sure (if there's any truth to that) it's not because of what those smokers in Japan smoke. It has more to do with the Japanese having healthier diets than Americans.

reply to top half of message

even though no one lives forever, wouldn't you rather live healthy then a sick horrible life?


That, plus the fact that the US government mandates that all cigarettes, even Natural American Spirits, have certain chemicals in them so foreign cigarettes usually taste better. I've had Chinese Marlboro Lights, Jamaican Newports, and Marlboro Reds from St. Maarten and they all tasted better than their American counterparts.

it wont be that bad

you dont abviously relize wat smoking can do to your body


...Oh god your grammar is so poor I'm honestly thinking you're a troll. If you're for real, I'll quote the saying "Whatever floats your boat." Just because some people smoke, it doesn't mean it's a good idea to constantly harrass them. Some people just want something new and pleasurable in their lives. This site is for them. You're the kind of person who coughs loudly deliberately near smokers to just make a point. People who just HAVE to raise a complaint or issue with other people when they're not doing anything that's harming you are just... *head-desk*.


water is the second leading cause of lung cancer so your right

everybody dies eventually

everybody dies eventually enjoy life smoke


man u r sooooo right people need to get over these horrible addictions... all the things it does to ur body

1. bad breath
3. bad weight
4. bad peer


I don't really think there's such a thing as BAD weight los.....

peer pressure

How does smoking cause peer pressure? last i checked smokeing is a choice made by an iduvidual im 16 i started smoking when i was twelve simpley because i love to feel the smooth taste of ciggs and the way it makes me feel peer pressure does not exsist just stupid people

douchebag detected.

douchebag detected.

There is a million websites

There is a million websites where you can find all the negatives of smoking. This is one of the few with positives. It may and probably will kill us but guess what? You are going to die too. It is a fun pleasure. You make new friends and always have something to look foward to. So go over to the Truth website and and talk there. Leave us alone. We are already kicked outside of private property and even have to go to designated areas when we are already outside in order to smoke. My grandmother never smoked a cigarette in her life and died of cancer at age 60. She told the family then: Enjoy your lives, smoke drink, etc.. because nothing is going to keep you alive forever

What about

A heroin addiction is far better!

people these days

yall are all crazy if u think its actually good for you!!

It's not good but nothing

It's not good but nothing really is good for us. If it's not lung cancer from smoking, it's stress cancer, lung problems from all the pollution, obesity from eating fast-food and so many other things that can kill us slowly, just like a cigarette. I said "it can" not "it will surely" kill us. Stop breathing if you think smoking is so bad. The air you inhale is worse.

Read This

Statistics say that only 1 in every 5 people who dies of lung cancer were actually smokers... SO WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER FOUR???????????????????????? THEY DIDNT SMOKE.. BUT STILL MORE NON SMOKERS DIE OF LUNG CANCER THAN SMOKERS??? HOW YOU EXPLAIN THAT????????????

cos the rest died from

cos the rest died from second hand smoke- smoke doesnt just harm the smoker/ got the cancer genes from their parents/grandparents/great-grand parents who smoke. think about it. the lung doesnt go dead on you for no good reason. you may want to go find out more about cancer. dont wait till when u hear the diagnosis then you find out more abt it, it'll be too late.

source of information: im a nursing student and im dead serious about smoking kills. i also find it silly that ppl say life is too short to not enjoy. there are better ways of enjoying it than to shorten it further.

Show me the proof

And where's your proof dat the otha 3 people died from SHS? Do you got their death certificates dat specifically state inhaling SHS caused em to die?

Show me some proof that even SHS (let alone lung cancer) kills anyone. And I don't mean showing me fake numbers from antismokng sites. I heard dat one before on how 45,000 nonsmokers die from SHS per year. How many of em die from traffic/drunk /riving accidents per day?

Anyone with common sense would realize if SHS really does kill, people would've been dying from SHS inhalation decades ago. So I do not believe 3 in 4 people die from SHS inhalation.

Show me the proof man!!!!!!!!

I'm surprised you didn't say show me da poof man.Dem wods u uzin r just crazzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyy! What are you stupid or something. Is the weed you're smoke killing your brain cells??????????????????? Of course second hand smoke can cause Cancer !!What is wrong with you and I'm just guessing your poor soul is uneducated!!!! Next thing you'll be saying pot is good for you too!!! show me one person who died from lung cancer from smoking pot!........ sigh.......... I just don't know about people now a days

scary to think your gonna be a doctor/nurse

Wow id be far more afraid for my life if i had to be your patient than my smoking. If you actually believe in second hand smoke your stupid. It was proven to be less toxic than chlorinated water, having a relative risk of around 1.2 when in order for most toxins to be considered dangerous they have to have a rating of 3 or more. How would it even make sense that 4 times as many people die from second hand smoke than smoking itself, at least 20% of people smoke, that idea would mean the average non-smoker is nearly as likely to get cancer from the tiny amount of shs they breath as a smoker who inhales cigarette smoke consistently each day. Smoke up everyone, only pleasure youll have in this world with people like this that cant even decide things for themselves, just listen to the government feed bs. Here are some links anti-smokers should take a look at before they judge.

Second Hand Bullcrap

The primary source of second-hand-smoke-is-murder hysteria derives from a 1986 report from the Surgeon General of the United States who over a period of years took surveys of non-smokers married to smoking spouses and the prevalence of cancer amongst the non-smoking group. Only 13% of the controlled group showed signs of developing cancers and of that group with cancers 40% had smoked or been smokers prior.
THUS, one can say with some confidence that the statement that second hand smoke kills non-smokers is biased and totally without conclusive scientific proof.

P.S. I thought an individual studying nursing would have the minimal amount of intelligence it takes to implement basic grammar and spell accurately.

look over your statistics,

look over your statistics, do they say that ALL 4 of these people where passive smokers? DO you also know that exaled smoke is about 300% harmfull than the original smoke of a burning cig? Now who's fault is really that?

P.S not only non smokers breath second hand smoke you know, if you are not worried about that it's about time you start.

300%? Um no.

There's less smoke- much of it has been filtered not only by the filter, but by the smokers lungs. Pretty derp of you to say that because it's been filtered it's more harmful. Seriously, use common sense- it'll save more years of your life than avoiding second hand smoke for sure. is is still my favourite.

Promoting something that's addictive and overall, negative isn't moral.

I agree, crack is overall negative.

I agree, crack is overall negative. Smoking cigarettes is overall, a net positive.


It's non toxic

So there. Get yourself a good supplier and you can slam a bundle a day for the rest of your life with no ill effects

The psychology of the

The psychology of the content in this site goes waaaay beyond the health issues associated with smoking.

There's no point in lecturing to the author of this site about the health risks of smoking - surely you're aware of them. But I have to wonder, if you're unlucky enough to be one of those smokers who, instead of dying relatively quickly of say a heart attack or lung cancer, you instead get to live the last ~10 years of your life tethered to an oxygen tank wheezing & gurgling with every breath yet unable to cough up any of the decades' worth of yumminess deposited in your lungs, maybe even lacking the lung capacity to absorb the nicotine you crave. Yeah, that's an extreme case but it can happen. If you get to that point, I wonder if you'll still say "Im glad I smoked". [Hint: you won't and if you insist otherwise you're just kidding yourself.]

Yeah, that's an exceptional case but no one goes to Vegas expecting to become penniless, but I'm sure everyone who ever lost it all wishes they never gambled.

You'll also never get an STD

You'll also never get an STD or an unplanned pregnancy if you never have sex. You'll never get alchohol poisoning if you never drink. You'll never get in a car accident if you don't drive. You'll never clog your arteries and suffer a heart attack or develop diabetes if you never eat junk food.

And then, at age, 125, when you're being interviewed by the local paper about your exceptionally long life, I wonder if YOU'LL still say "I'm glad I didn't indulge in any vices".

We're all gonna die, and for most of us it's not going to be pleasant (that's the curse that comes with the marvel of modern medicine); it's going to be gasping for breath choking on some sort of bodily fluid that's found its way somewhere it shouldn't, or gagging on our tongues as some vital organ shorts out. The only difference between smokers and nonsmokers is that nonsmokers get 20 more years of existence, and SMOKERS get 40 more years of LIVING.


That's the kinda stuff I like to hear, the reason I keep coming to this website.

You, sir, have won the

You, sir, have won the internet.

If you're gonna compare

If you're gonna compare gambling to smoking, at least use common sense. If someone lost all of his/her income in gambling in Vegas, that person would be homeless. I think if people lose "gambling money" they don't become broke literally. And most gamblers are smart not to gamble away money they can not afford to lose.

I notice the author of this site happens to be a fan of me. Since my links page AND my blog are both linked on here.

Pros Vs. Cons of Smoking

Removed: Post copied from another site and may have contained copyrighted material.

Pro's of Smoking

There are no pro's to smoking. People only continue to smoke through a process of negative reinforcement. Quite simply, a smoker is drug addict. There are no pro's in having that next cigarette, only the illusion of pleasure to reach the state that non-smokers enjoy all oif the time. I know my subject. It is easy for people to quit the drug addiction once they fully understand how the con works.

a second opinion

"A person must have the right to either choose to smoke or not to choose to smoke"

problem is that once you are a smoker you don't have the choice to stop any more. isn't this the reason why you made this website? to try to justify why you are still doing it? come on! i am a smoker too and i hate it. i must admit that i am to scared to quit, but at least i don't kid myself like this. stop hiding under the freedom statement and come out as a man: you failed in quitting and now you try to convince everyone that it is a good thing. if others believe it, you wouldn't feel so stupid.
is either this or you are selling cigarettes.

Smoking REALLY is pleasurable you know

Who are you to transfer your own self hatred of smoking and automatically give judgement like that. Your really not the voice of authority if your too scared to even TRY. Sure youfeelsick, crave like a bastard and even start coughing up disgusting gack when u quit but it doesnt exactly stop you from quiting if u hate it that much.

Stop hiding under the sympathy statement and just quit like a man.

kudos for opening my blind

kudos for opening my blind eyes with your wisdom. i am not angry at the guy who is trying to get young people to smoke, but i am angry at myself.
smoking must be pleasurable. otherwise why would people do something that kills them?

Get a grip.

You're simply a troll and didn't even read the stuff on this site - like the tobacco policy statement. Please become more informed before posting.


I do love to smoke myself

I do love to smoke myself and I know that its bad for me. I also have sex though because I like it and thats bad for me as well becasue I'm gonna end up with another <a href="">STD</a> and thats no fun at all.

Addicted and loved it while I could afford it.

I too enjoy smoking, knowing it's negative effects wasn't what made me quit in the end, it was the fact that in Ontario a pack costs the better part of $10 (some brands are even more than that) made it so I just couldn't afford it anymore even at half a pack a day, and the cheap smokes you get from the indian reserves (which are illegal for non-indians like me to buy) just taste too awful. Score one for the anti-smoking policy of "LETS MAKE THEM SUPER EXPENSIVE SO PEOPLE HAVE TO QUIT!" I just want to say thanks to the anti-smoking campaigns for taking away my freedom to do something I enjoy. I also play the trombone and while maybe if I'd never smoked I might be able to hold notes on it far longer, it had never had a noticeable affect on my playing (I still don't know anyone who can hold a high b as long as I can, non-smokers included). Here's to hoping one day some people realize some of us actually can enjoy something they're addicted to. I'm craving right now, practically nicfitting after reading the stuff on this site. I can assure you I wouldn't be in the mental state I am in now if cigarettes weren't so expensive that I'd end up homeless if I picked it back up and could just smoke at a reasonable price. I don't mind paying a dollar or two in taxes per pack, but when the majority of the cost is tax just to make people quit, that's unreasonable.

100% of smokers die.
100% of non-smokers die.

Everyone is entitled to do

Everyone is entitled to do what they want. It's not rocket science. We know that the health risks are heightened when you smoke. I am telling you that smokers really do enjoy smoking. Just not all the time. I don't care what you tell me, but having a cigarette feels really good when you our at a bar drinking with friends. However, you cannot tell me that you really enjoy having a cigarette outside in the rain at three in the morning because you can't go to sleep.

Smokers are intellegent. They know the potential health risks. I smoked for ten years before I quit. My reasons for quitting had to do with beating nictotine addiction and becoming more health conscious. However, if you told me that there were no health risks in smoking cigarettes, then I would've not have quit.

P.S. Please get rid of these anti-smoking ads because all they did do is provoke smokers to continue smoking. So if you non-smokers think these ads will help smokers quit. They don't.

Everyone has the right to do

Everyone has the right to do what they want. Very true, we only live for a little while before our time is up, so we might as well enjoy life as much as we can. That said, if what one chooses to do can potentially damage (severely) the lives of others, that's when it becomes an issue.

I have severe asthma, and I'm sure if I didn't have to walk past hundreds of smokers on campus everyday, I wouldn't have to put up with my daily near-death asthma attacks. Smoking is selfish, and thus, it shouldn't be allowed (in public anyways.)


all of you that thinks it good for you and that it soooo fun or something like that ur crazy u need some kind of checkup cause if you dont smoke and take care of ur body u can live for much longer than u can if u do smoke so u actually think about what ur doing to ur body...... Do you want to die at age 39.

Excuse me you little antismoker

I have a Q. Do you know ANY smoker that died at 39 or under 39?

I dunno where you get your math skills at, but they're very poor young person. Antis claim smokers live for 40 years after starting smoking. So there's NO WAY a smoker could die at or before 39 unless that person gets murdered.

I did hear of a 25 year-old nonsmoking woman who never smoked in her life, but she still died from lung cancer at that age. I smoke and I outlived a person who never smoked in her whole life! Smokers live longer than nonsmokers. If you don't believe me, you can visit the Smokers Club site.

This makes no sense.

*Antis claim smokers live for 40 years after starting smoking. So there's NO WAY a smoker could die at or before 39 unless that person gets murdered.*

Only an idiot (like yourself, although i'm obvious not saying that you would suggest this) would claim that 'smokers live for 40 years after starting smoking' and think that it a reasonable claim; i think what the actual claim is that 'an average smoker loses around 13 years of life on average compared to a non-smoker', and there will be a range of loss of years of life around this, this means that a smoker could die 20 or 30 or 40 years earlier that expected, but with a much lower probability, you could even only smoke once and get lung cancer straight away after that. Anyway the point here is that a number from a statistic isn't stating an exact value, but only an expected value with a range around it.

*I did hear of a 25 year-old nonsmoking woman who never smoked in her life, but she still died from lung cancer at that age.*

You heard of a 25 year-old nonsmoker that died from lung cancer? This proves absoluted nothing, you've observed one statistic, which gives nearly zero evidence to support any conclusion.

'I smoke and I outlived a person who never smoked in her whole life!' , here we go, another one statistic. My nan smoked and she's still alive, but i knew someone who had a baby that died at birth and it never smoked, whoa, this must mean smoking is the key to being alive! Obviously this is just a mockery or you're poor skills at drawing conclusions from information or events.

'Smokers live longer than non-smokers', this is brilliant, you got this from the 'Smokers Clud site', likely to be giving unbiased information about smoking (sarcasm intended). What would be better to look at would be peer-reviewed papers in respected medical journals that actually have real information in them.

You should really think about things before making such irrational conclusions, otherwise you're going to end up with a lot of problems in your life.

Hello antismoker

"You heard of a 25 .566year-old nonsmoker that died from lung cancer? This proves absoluted nothing, you've observed one statistic, which gives nearly zero evidence to support any conclusion."

And what have YOU observed that can prove secnodhand smoke kills? The fact someone died from LC and neva smoked before is proof that just because you don't smoke does not mean you'll live a long life. In case you're an idiot too, some of the comments I've read on here implies that not smoking makes you live longer.

Where's that proof at? The proof that not smoking makes you live longer? Based on where I live at, it's common for nonsmokers to not reach the age of 20 before they get killed. Some of the oldest people to ever live were smokers. Some people even live for 100 years and still smoke. You don't have to believe me. You can do the same type of research (on the oldest people to live) I've done over the years off of the net.

I guess if a nonsmoker is a crackhead or an alcoholic, you don't have to worry about him/her living for 80 years, let alone 100.

If you honestly believe you'll live forever just cause you don't smoke, I hope your family's cancer history or crime both don't kill you first.

BTW, my life is good, thank you very much. It's not my fault your IQ is lower than mine.

Even if it does take 40

Even if it does take 40 years to die from smoking, like you claim... who wants to live their life with yellow teeth, chronic coughs, and all sorts of other complications? Maybe they're not fatal, but they're still disgusting.

And saying that smokers live longer than nonsmokers is asinine. Why don't you try finding some actual data to back that up?


...I understand that smoking is perceived as pleasurable.

When you haven't had a dart and are craving, that mental swtich gets hit when you get a smoke, and your craving is gone, which can be perceived as relaxing.

Myself, I don't find when my blood pressure goes up, or my heartbeat increases, as pleasurable things.

I quit because I decided to one day, told EVERYONE, even people like my parents that didn't know I smoked, that I had quit after almost 20 years. Saving face means a lot to me with my friends and family, and considered that my support group.

I also smoke copious amounts of weed, which helped me bunk the tobacco.

After a while after I quit, with zero support from my GF who still has the blinders on, and tried as I might, I didn't want to be a hypocrite for wanting to dump her because the smoking became such a turn off. After hears of having "the smell" on my clothes, carpets, PAINT YELLOWING, I said:

Fuck tobacco companies getting ANY MORE of my money.

Fuck people who try to get you to start again.

Everyone else, do what you want, but please keep it a distance and I promise to stop farting in elevators so you don't have to feel like we are BOTH giving up something we love that everyone else hates.

The sight made me laugh, and was kind of like a virtual cigarette for me, which was kind of relaxing (since I had no heartbeat/hypertension issues with this one).

#include willpower
//stop smoking people.


I think this is the best comment on here... I'm in the same boat. I quit smoking and now all of a sudden all of my friends are quitting because I stopped enabling them. I also smoked the weed to help w/ the habit - point in case is i still consider smoking to be pleasurable, it is... but when you quit, and you realize what kind of royal bitch these sleeves turn you into... it changes your perspective.

Without a cigarette I became a raging bitch, and it was enough for me to realize that wow, addiction sucks ass. Now, it repulses me, even the smell (which btw taste and smell are 20x better now that I've quit).

I agree w. you, the government has NO RIGHT to interfere with my business... obviously they haven't started taxing or regulating the food we eat or the alcohol we consume *I'm sure thats next* but we should be able to decide what kills us. Freedom is an interesting thing - something this administration doesn't believe in.

I will never support more taxing on cigarettes, its asinine.

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