PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

Marlboro Blend No. 27 100's Review

Smooth Rich Mellow

Pros: True to its advertising, it's smooth, rich, and mellow. The pack design is great and inviting.

Cons: None at this time.

Number of Marlboro Blend No. 27 100's smoked prior to review: 1 pack.

These cigarettes provide a rich mellow smoke with a mild tobacco taste. It's the kind of cigarette that you'll want to take a big puff, inhale deeply, and exhale slowly, enjoying the whole smoking experience. If you're new to smoking or hardcore, you owe it to yourself to give these a try.

These are the best Marlboro 100's introduction since Marlboro Smooth 100's, my favorite blend.

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Agreed, nice and smooth, good flavor

I smoke the regulars, but I love the blend 27's. I am not a Marlboro smoker (reds at times) but I pick up a pack or two of these every so often.

I never go without having a pack of Camels (either NF or filtered), but I'm known to carry around a couple of others at the same time... namely American Spirits & Pall Mall Reds.

However, the Reds and Blend 27 Golds ROCK!

The new love of my life

I've always been a Marlboro Lights 100's girl. Until I tried these that is. These have such a rich flavor and have a nice kick. I usually only smoke about 4-5 a day and I smoked 10 of these the first night I tried them. Can't get enough of em. Just wish I could find them in 100's.

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I tried the Marb 27 kings

I actually heard of the Marlboro 27 100's. But til I find the 100's version, I can't try em yet. Marlboro 27's kings taste better than Marlboro Reds to me. The 27's have a Camel-like taste with some caramel taste. If you a fan of caramel, you'll love the taste of Marlboro 27's.

Marlboro 27's are still the best regulars in my books.

I don't smoke. Either drink

I don't smoke. Either drink alcoholic drinks. But based on on what I heard from my friends that this Malboro Lights is one of a kind. Though, I don't have experience in smoking, I guess it will absolutely give pleasure to your system.

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The 27

You could not be more right about these cigarettes.
Smooth and mellow and I just might have to smoke one right now!

how do these compare with Marlboro Blacks?

I am speechless about the beautiful impact from my first Marlboro Black 100' how does Blend 27 compare in terms of taste and totally getting your attention?

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