Beginner’s Guide to Smoke CBD Hemp Flower

Smoking Cbd Hemp Flower F

With all the ways to take CBD hemp flower nowadays, the best remains the classic and that is smoking. Besides providing a direct route to the bloodstream, you can get the best of all worlds by smoking.

Not only are you inhaling CBD, but you also take in the other cannabinoids. All these cannabinoids will work together to give you the full perks of hemp flower(known as the Entourage Effect).

What if you don’t quite know what you’re doing? Are you wondering how smoking feels? Are you unsure of what to buy, or where to buy it? This constructive guide will break it all down for you.

The Benefits Of CBD Hemp Flower

Why  choose CBD hemp flower over something like marijuana or over-the-counter products? Hemp flower has an abundance of benefits without the unpredictable high of marijuana. It also leaves out the potentially dangerous side effects of OTC medication.  They include:

  • Pain Relief – hemp flower will soothe the body from all-over discomfort.
  • Happier, More Positive Overall Mood – your brain will enter a relaxed state and any tension is released from your body.
  • Reduces Inflammation – as CBD reacts to the endocannabinoid receptors in your brain, harmful inflammation will decrease.
  • Lessens Anxiety and Depression – hemp flower lets you step away from your immediate worries and view them from a tranquil state of mind.
  • Helps You Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep – CBD induces sleepiness by increasing serotonin in the body.

The Feeling of Smoking CBD Hemp Flower

You’ve seen how people act when they’re high on marijuana – lazy, kind of stupid, and ravenous. You won’t get any of that with CBD hemp flower, at least not to that effect.

There won’t be any dizziness or sickness when you smoke CBD. If you’re not experiencing any kind of physical or emotional pain, you may not even notice the difference!

What CBD hemp flower will make you feel is calm. Something that has been upsetting you won’t disappear, but you won’t feel as “worked up” about it as you did. Smoking CBD flower lets you be able to take a step back and analyze feelings from a balanced perspective.

Your mind will be totally clear, and you’ll probably feel generally positive and relaxed. Depending on the strain – Berkshire CBD describes their strains by how they could affect you – you might feel a little sleepy, or you could feel completely rejuvenated!

Smoking Is the Best Way to Consume Hemp Flower

With all the new ways to take CBD hemp flower – vaping, oil, edibles – why do people still choose to smoke? The answer, once you learn a little more, becomes clear: it’s still the best way to consume hemp flower.

Smoking Hemp Guarantees Faster Results

Why does smoking get to you faster than the methods? It’s because, when your hemp flower smoke is inhaled into the lungs, all its properties enter the bloodstream via alveoli sacs.

Unlike edibles or oil, there’s no need for the hemp flower essence to pass through the digestive tract.

Easy to Control Dosage Levels

Because you feel the effect of the hemp bud so quickly through smoking, you’ll be able to dose yourself better. Dosing is an important aspect of taking hemp flower.

While you’re extremely unlikely to overdose, knowing how much bud to take prevents you from wasting precious CBD flower. This also allows you to achieve the full scope of advantages you’re looking for.

No Psychoactive “High” Effect

You do not get high hemp as you do with marijuana as hemp contains just little (0.3 percent or less) psychoactive cannabinoid THC. Hemp flower is, therefore, a reliable option without THC impairment if you hope for the benefit of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Heating Hemp Buds Activates Cannabidiols

Eating raw hemp flowers or infusing into edibles might not fully activate every cannabidiol. Smoking or heating hemp flowers maximizes its benefits. Slowly and profoundly inhale to fill the lungs with plenty of smoke.

Remember to take a deep breath between smoking to minimize smoking-related health risks and get the most from the hemp flower.

Higher Bioavailability 

The inhalation of cannabis has a relative bioavailability of 31%, which is the highest of all cannabis use methods. Smoking CBD hemp flowers is a desirable method of consumption for many users due to the high bioavailable amount of cannabinoids inhaled.

Cannabinoids are in direct contact with the lungs when you smoke CBD flowers. This makes it a great way to soothe and relax your body immediately, rather than waiting 30 minutes to an hour.

Smoking CBD Flower Guide and Tips

How to Buy Premium CBD Flower?

This is the first step and will affect your experience when you’re smoking your hemp flower.

Okay, but what exactly do you need to look for?

Certificate of Analysis

Not everyone is comfortable buying online. Look for the CoA, or Certificate of Analysis.  This will tell you about the environment your hemp was grown in. It will also disclose the CBD, THC, and terpenes in your bud.

Third-Party Labs

Third-party lab results are important. That’s another reason why the CoA is crucial to seek out. Upon arrival, you should find your package includes these results and a letter to law enforcement. Because the legality of CBD flower is still confusing, this letter will keep you out of trouble.

Reviews are your Friend!

Read the reviews! Knowing other people’s opinions about the website or specific bud can help you better decide. Even better? Leave a review! If you have experience with a website or strain, share your thoughts with others.

What about customer service? Always look for a hemp flower company’s return policy, and if you’re unsure, ask them. Almost all company offers a customer service email to discuss any issues with your ordered product.

How to Smoke Hemp Flower?

Next, choose your preferred method of smoking. If you’re new to the CBD game and aren’t ready to commit, There are four attractive packages pre-rolled joints: Pre-rolled Cigarette, Home-rolled Joint, Bong, Pipe . This saves you from struggling to roll your own hemp flower cigarette or buying a smoke apparatus.

Joint, bong, or pipe – which is the best? The answer depends on what your needs are.

Pre-rolled Cigarette

Don’t confuse these with a normal cigarette, because there’s no harmful tobacco in here – just pure CBD hemp flower. Pre-rolled is best for when you’re not happy with your rolling abilities or do not want to worry about running out of papers.

Home-rolled Joint

If you’re more confident with your rolling skills, think of buying your own joint papers. They come in a variety of sizes and types from corn-based paper, rice-based paper, and even hemp-based paper to keep that hemp pureness in your cigarette.

You can buy filters or make your own by rolling a flexible piece of cardboard into a tube-shape. It only has to be about a fingernail’s length. This will filter out any little pieces of bud that may get sucked into your mouth during inhalation.


Bongs are good for when you’re smoking in one place, but you will receive a larger dose at once than if you were simply smoking rolled CBD flower. Because of their price and durability, bongs are a better option for more advanced smokers.


Pipes are a happy middle between joints and bongs. One pipe could last you years if properly taken care of. Some require you to buy screens which you must replace consistently. Some people opt-out of a pipe because cleaning it can be a hassle.

Go for a sturdy version (some look pretty but are quite delicate and break easily, especially if you plan on carrying it around). Pipes tend to come in glass, silicon, and metal.

Best Time to Smoke CBD Hemp Flower

If you’re new to smoking hemp flower, set aside some time where you can have your first experience in a safe, controlled manner. Utter relaxation means not getting in the car for a drive. Even if you’re not high, that’s just common sense until you know how CBD affects you.

Instead, take some time when you know there is nothing you need to get done. Put the kids to bed, finish your responsibilities, and relax interruption-free. Get a movie and a snack ready and get cozy on the couch for your first hemp flower ride.

Best Dosage of CBD Flowers to Smoke

Some claim it’s a science, and others an art. Truth be told, your dosage will be unique to you, and the best way to figure it out is through experimentation.

Use Your Weight

However, CBD Oil Canada offers a comprehensive chart that considers your weight. This chart compares your weight to the amount of pain you could be having, but that doesn’t have to equate to physical pain.

 A Little at a Time

The best way to figure out your dosing method is to smoke a little at a time. Wait about fifteen to twenty minutes before going for another toke. You may find you won’t need it and can save that precious CBD hemp flower for another time.


Keep track of the strain you’ve smoked, how you smoked it, and its approximate measurement. Measuring with a teaspoon could be helpful. Some people like to buy a CBD flower journal.

If you’re seriously considering hemp as an alternative medicine, a journal is your best bet. It will help you keep track of your experience and dosing levels. You can reflect on your journal to know exactly how to smoke next time.

Is CBD Hemp Flower Legal?

The answer to this question entirely depends on where you live. CBD hemp flower is mostly legal throughout North America, but specific states in the US will have their unique laws.


The legality of CBD flower is mixed throughout Europe, but is definitely illegal in Russia as of 2020.


Hemp flower in Asia is mixed, but is illegal in China as of 2020.


Some countries may allow limited amounts of hemp flower or will even require a prescription from a medical professional.


The U.S. can be especially tricky, as all fifty states have their own laws. Here are the states where you can buy hemp with a THC amount under 0.3%:

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jerseys, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington State, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

And here where it’s illegal to smoke or buy hemp flower:

Indiana, Louisiana, Texas

Best Smokable Hemp Buds: Berkshire CBD Flower

Whether you want to manage anxiety, chronic pain, or enjoy the many daily health benefits of CBD, Berkshire has a product you will love. Berkshire CBD offers various flavors and effects that you can combine according to your specific needs and preferences.

All strains are tested by a third-party laboratory, with an analysis certificate sent to you by post at the time of purchase. Berkshire hemp flowers are hand-trimmed and cured by slow drying for up to 60 days.

Sour Space Candy is now one of the most popular hemp buds from Berkshire and is rich in b – caryophyllene and pinene. These terpenes lift the mood and, at the same time, creates a clear, animated calm.

Sour Space Candy
Sour Space Candy

Lemon notes and tropical fruits permeate the densely packed hemp bud, giving it a sweet, subtle flavor and odor. It is an ideal choice for a light, easy-to-inhale smoke. If you are looking for a daily supplement that gives you mental clarity without fear, Sour Space Candy is the perfect workout.

Despite the name, there are no secret ingredients in Berkshire’s special sauce. The special sauce is packed with b – caryophyll, bisabolol, and myrcene, which work together to create a joyful-euphoric effect. This makes it a great evening treat if you want to relax, or a quick post-workout snack.

We also like the Suver Haze as a sleep cap to melt away the stress of the day and enjoy deep, restful sleep. Sourced from the mild Vermont sunlight and fertile soil, these big sticky hemp buds are 15.3% CBD. They contain the soothing taste of pine, cardamom, and citrus fruit when smoked.

Suver Haze
Suver Haze

Berkshire CBD also offers pre-rolled joints, which makes your smoking experience that much easier. Instead of going out of your way to buy papers or make a filter, Berkshire offers eye-pleasing cases of up to five CBD cigarettes for only $35.95.

If you’re buying CBD for a specific reason, such as to help yourself relax after work or to target pain relief, Berkshire CBD describes their hemp strains by their effects. This takes the guesswork out of choosing the best hemp for you.

Whichever one you choose, we can’t recommend it enough for those looking for quick, long-term benefits without the chaos. The compact, portable tins can be filled with up to 150mg of CBD, making it the perfect size for an individual or a group.

Last Thoughts

There is no wrong way to take CBD hemp flower, but smoking is still the best. We recommend smoking because you can enjoy more benefits of CBD flower.

Choose your method – joint, pipe, or bong – and keep track of how you react to the strain you’re smoking.

Once you are prepared to start shopping for hemp buds, make sure that you buy organically grown hemp from a well-known brand, such as Berkshire CBD.